What Are Grow Bags and Why Do We Use Them?

image of custom grow bags with protea plants

About Grow Bags

Did you know that TDI’s grow bags are flexible pots that are a very cost-effective alternative to rigid containers? 

Over the past five decades, numerous nurseries and greenhouses have discovered the many benefits. After testing, folks stick with the poly plant bags as they contribute to overall success.

“The first year I started working here, in 1991, we were trying out your bags and have been a fan of them ever since.”  ~ a substantial pistachio nursery

Types of Grow Bags

TDI offers the following types of customizable plant containers:

Plant Bags

Also known as nursery bags, these flexible pots are perfect for plants or small trees. TDI’s poly bags come in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses, with or without vent holes.

And the usage is simple: just fill them with growing medium to shape them like traditional containers. 

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Seed Bags

A smaller version of grow bags are TDI’s seed bags that are designed to cultivate and protect tiny seeds, seedlings, and grafts.

Uniquely shaped with an elongated footprint, seed bags function the same way as standard ones. In order to keep them upright, growers put them in crates, nicely stacked against each other. 

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Tree Sleeves or Plant Grow Sleeves

Another product are TDI’s tree sleeves, that are a great option to cultivate larger plants or small trees. Typically, the material is thicker and heavier than regular grow bags. 

Plant grow sleeves have two open sides without a sealed bottom. Like our other nursery bags, tree sleeves are fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

At vineyard, narrow tree sleeves serve to protect the base of vines from burning caused by pesticide spraying.

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Benefits of Grow Bags

Here are the key benefits of flexible poly containers from TDI Custom Packaging:

Cost Effective

Importantly, TDI’s nursery bags are extremely cost-effective, compared to other growth mediums. Nursery owners have testified that they save thousands of dollars over time.

Another way to cut costs is the way they fold flat, therefore saving in valuable storage space. And oftentimes grow bags are reusable.

image of an unfolded black plastic grow bag from TDI

Lesser Carbon Footprint

Nursery bags from TDI are light-weight and use less material because they are so thin. As a result, less power is used during production, saving on valuable energy. 

Although grow bags are thin, they are sturdy and built-to-last. In addition, they are recyclable at the end of their life.

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Why Use Plastic?

image of orange and black seed bagsWhile choices are abundant, plastic material, also known as poly, has very unique properties. It is flexible, sturdy, UV-resistant, and can be molded into any shape or color.

In addition, plastic is lightweight and takes less energy to produce, while it’s recyclable and oftentimes reusable. 

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What Plants Grow In Them?

image of protea flowersAny plant that normally grows in a container can thrive in a flexible plant bag. 

TDI’s plant bags grow all kinds of species in them, like fruit and nut trees, vegetables, and yes, even beautiful flowers.

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With the testimonials of our partners in the nursery and greenhouse industry, they are proof that this product works.

“After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming beyond expectations.”  ~ owner of a horticultural nursery


image of folded plant grow bags aka nursery bagsTDI’s nursery bags prevent root rot and stimulate healthy growth with custom vent holes. With the proper drainage, plants grow fibrous roots that makes them strong.

In addition to holes, you’ll have numerous customization options available, such as size, number of holes, and color of film. With these choices, you can design the most effective grow bags. 


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Custom Grow Bags That Work

image of nursery grow bagsClearly, TDI’s grow bags are not only the low-cost alternative to other containers, but they have proven to grow healthy plants.

As one of the pioneers in the manufacture of plant bags for fifty years, TDI is a recognized expert. We are a reliable source that you can trust. And by the way, it’s all made in the USA!

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