7 Benefits of Plastic Nursery Grow Bags

Plastic Plant Grow Bag

TDI’s plastic nursery grow bags are the most economical solution for indoor and outdoor operations.  Because they have so many benefits, our flexible plant containers are widely used by nurseries and greenhouses all over the US West Coast.

As we all know, the year 2020 was very challenging, with a deadly fire season, dry weather conditions, and COVID-19 related incidents. For a better chance to recover from past setbacks and to further expand your business, TDI’s nursery bags are the most cost-effective, optimal solution. Giving you a much better chance to succeed in the end.

Plastic Plant Grow Bags

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What are TDI’s Plant Bags?

Essentially, our grow bags are soft plastic containers that replace rigid and heavier pots. Although thin, they provide a sturdy solution. Our grow bags are most suitable for young fruit and nut trees, like citrus or pistachios, various other plants, flowers, seedlings, and many more.

These productive bags come folded flat in a box. The gusset on each side expands to create a larger container. And when filled with soil, the bag will firmly stand upright.

7 Benefits of Plastic Nursery Grow Bags

1. Economical

TDI’s plant bags are very cost-effective. A lower price tag will save your business money that can be spent elsewhere.

2. Healthy Growth

Not only do they produce vigorous plants, but they also create a more robust root system. When your plants and seedlings are healthier, they will become stronger and will grow faster.

3. Good Air Circulation

Plastic Nursery Grow Bags

With punched holes on the sides, also known as vent holes, plants will get plenty of oxygen with the proper ventilation. Again, that stimulates optimal plant growth.

4. Proper Drainage

Another option is to add a bottom drainage hole. The purpose of this opening is to prevent root rotting. And a healthy root system helps them flourish better.

5. Thin Material

Since nursery bags are so thin, they will not take up much storage space once folded flat. It will save you valuable warehouse space.

Plastic Nursery Grow Bags

6. Customizable Nursery Bags

Plant grow bags from TDI are completely customizable. Our team will help you determine the best options for your unique potting needs.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Not only do these bags take less material and energy to produce, but they are also fully recyclable. You will be able to reuse them again, provided they are in good condition. And because they are so lightweight, they will also save you on fuel costs during transportation.

Plastic Nursery Grow Bags From TDI

As you can see, THE BENEFITS STACK UP for these unique plant containers. Not only are they extremely cost-effective, but they are so much more than that. TDI manufactures 3 different nursery products:

Plant Grow Bags – Seed Bags – Tree Sleeves

To find out what’s the right product for you, please feel free to ask our team.

Here at TDI Custom Packaging, we will create your grow bags with high-quality polyethylene material. Although the standard color is black, other options are available as well.

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TDI Custom Packaging is one of the original companies that started producing plastic grow bags, introducing them in the early eighties. So that should tell you that we know our products from top to bottom.

If you are getting ready for this year’s planting season; NOW is the time to order your supplies!

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