When Are Poly Tree Sleeves the Best Option?

image of a person holding a black plant grow sleeve

Poly tree sleeves might be your best option, particularly when seeking a more economical alternative to traditional nursery containers.

In addition to being cost-effective, there are numerous other advantages to using this flexible medium. Let’s take a closer look at what these benefits are.

image of black poly tree sleeves with avocado plants

Advantages of Poly Tree Sleeves


For one thing, their low price is hard-to-beat. In fact, they can literally save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, especially with bulk purchases, making them a highly cost-effective alternative.

Healthy Growth

Tree sleeves from TDI Custom Packaging have proven to work well for farmers who want to cultivate healthy, strong plants. Certainly, what our nursery partners say is testimony of that:

| “After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming beyond expectations.”  ~ a horticulturist

image of a smiling person in front of a field with black poly tree sleeves

Bottomless Poly Tree Sleeves

TDI’s plastic sleeves are bottomless with two open sides, utilizing less material and thus offering a more economical solution. 


Due to the lightweight nature of this product, producing these flexible containers requires less energy and resin material. Additionally, their reduced weight results in fuel savings during transportation.

Reusable – Recyclable

an image of used nursery grow bagsDepending on the conditions, plant sleeves can be reused, with a simple cleaning process. 

And at the end of their life cycle, plastic sleeves can be recycled and reprocessed into new products. As you might notice, numerous items on the market are already made from recycled polyethylene.

Thisisplastics.com about recycling misconceptions: ‘Recycling Myth vs. Fact’ >>

Poly Tree Sleeves From TDI

image of black poly tree sleeves in the fieldTree sleeves are typically available as flat sleeves, offered either individually or on rolls to suit different needs. 

Additionally, these sleeves fold flat, therefore optimizing valuable storage space and making them highly convenient for storage and transport. 

TDI’s poly tree sleeves are versatile, utilized for both young trees and large plants, ensuring robust protection and support during plant growth stages. 

TDI’s Agricultural Products

In addition to poly tree sleeves, TDI manufactures a range of products designed for growing various plants, seeds, and trees. 

Plant Bags or Seed Bags

image of a hand holding a protea plant in a black seed bag under a canopyTDI’s Plant Bags are suitable for plants of nearly any size, including those typically grown in rigid containers. This encompasses a wide range of plants such as fruits, nuts, ornamentals, native plants, trees, and more.

Seed Bags are smaller in size than our standard plant bags and are there to protect fragile, tiny seedlings. 

TDI excels at fully customizing any type of grow bag to meet your specific requirements. This is our specialty. 

image of a strawberry field with plastic mulch filmMulch Film

Another agricultural product from TDI is mulch film, designed to cover rows of soil in the field. As such, it provides vital protection during the initial phases of plant growth.

Mulch film (up to 100 lbs/roll) suppresses weeds, saves water, protects against bad weather, keeps fertilizer in place, controls soil temperature, and blocks harmful sun rays.

Your Poly Tree Sleeves

Now it’s time to speak with our knowledgeable team for more information! During that time, we encourage you to request samples of our poly tree sleeves or other nursery products.

To request your complimentary samples, follow this link >>


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