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Although TDI’s seed grow bags are a lesser-known product, they are well-used by numerous nurseries and greenhouses.

These small poly bags are designed to protect plant seeds and seedlings during their most fragile stages of life, while stimulating healthy growth.

Why Use Seed Grow Bags?

seedsTiny seeds can easily die if not properly taken care of. So, they need extra protection from outside influences such as extreme weather conditions.

In order to nurture healthy plants, seeds need the proper amount of water, oxygen and heat. Too much or too little of anything can be devastating for them.

“After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming beyond expectations.” (a nursery partner)

Benefits of TDI’s Seed Grow Bags:

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Drainage or Vent Holes

There’s two reasons why bags come with punched holes: they provide proper drainage and allow for good oxygen flow to the seeds.


Also, TDI’s seed bags are gusseted, so they stand up straight, once unfolded. After each use, the gusset folds flat, therefore saving valuable storage space.

image of nursery seed grow bagsEconomical

Another major benefit is that our grow bags are most economical in purchase, so that nurseries and greenhouses spend a lot less.


Nursery seed bags are fully customizable with the right size, gauge holes, and more. We will help you with a product that is most efficient for healthy growth and maximum savings. 

Environmental Benefits

TDI’s nursery bags are eco-friendly. Here’s why:

image of a hand holding a plant and the globe to symbolize sustainabilityDue to the thin material, they take less energy to produce and less fuel during transportation. And since they fold flat, they save on storage space, thus also saving energy here.

All seed grow bags from TDI are recyclable and oftentimes reusable.

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Specifics of Seed Grow Bags

As you can see, TDI’s seed grow bags are not only effective in stimulating healthy plant growth, but they add to the growing operation’s success as well.

Besides, its low price tag is hard to beat, especially since they are not made overseas, but right here in the USA.

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Seed Grow Bags for Nurseries

Flexible containers for nurseries are mainly designed for outdoor use. Here are a few popular sizes that we oftentimes keep in stock:

#1: 2” x 1½” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

#2: 2½” x 2” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)


image of a greenhouse with seed grow bagsSeed Grow Bags for Greenhouses

Greenhouse containers are made for indoor use.  Please check to find out if we have the following sought-after sizes on hand:

2½” x 2” wide x 9½” long x .003 mil for larger seeds

2” x 1½” wide x 9½” long x .003 mill for smaller seeds

Although the standard color is black, other colors are available upon request.

Plant Bags and Tree Sleeves 

nursery grow bagsOther popular growth mediums from TDI are plant bags and tree sleeves. These flexible pots are usually taller, thicker, or wider. Especially for big, bulky plants, we apply heavier-gauge material that holds them, just like a rigid pot. 

Any type of container plant will do well in a nursery grow bag. Plants for food production or ornamental flowers, for example, as well as citrus, fruit, nut, or date trees,  all benefit from this product.

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Free Sample Grow Bags

nursery grow bagTeam TDI understands the importance of having the right product for your operations. That’s why we manufacture custom plastic packaging that will fit your specific needs.

Please contact our helpful sales team for more details and your free sample package.

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