Gel Bags That Hold Up When You Need Them

Gel-filled ice packs from TDI are strong & sturdy in every situation.

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Benefits of Gel Bags from TDI


  • These freezable bags to be filled with gel won’t tear and work as an alternative to standard insulating coolants.
  • Printed information on the bags won’t run with moisture or heat — and they are also microwavable for use as heating pads.
  • Even in frozen conditions, gel-filled cold packs will not become hard like ice but will conform to any shape they are against.
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From start to finish, gel bags from TDI Custom Packaging will get your job done.


Use gel cold packs as ice packs to cover wounds

Food & Transportation

Frozen gel ice packs prevent food from spoiling and preserve freshness


Microwaved gel-filled ice bags serve as heat packs to relieve soreness

Gel Bags – Technical Specifications


Width: min. 1” — max. 38”

Length: min. 5” — max. 200”

Print Colors

Up to 4 colors

gel bags for cold packs


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Please note: TDI manufactures gel bags that are not filled with gel. Although gel cold packs that contain a gusset have been effectively used for decades, we cannot guarantee leak-proof ability in certain cases.

TDI has created gel ice packs for decades. With a combined experience and expertise in successful manufacturing, team TDI knows all the ins and outs to create custom quality packaging.


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