About Gel Bags for Cold Packs

Gel Ice Packs

You have probably seen them; those gel bags for cold packs that come right out of the freezer. Some describe them as gel ice packs, gel-filled cold bags, among other names, or simply as ‘gel bags’.

It’s important to know that cold packs from TDI are specifically manufactured for gel contents, not for ice. They are made of extra strong material.

Characteristics of Gel Bags for Cold Packs

  • TDI’s ice packs are able to withstand extreme cold, freezing temperatures. They don’t crack or puncture easily in extreme conditions.
  • The plastic itself feels thick because it is made of heavy-duty material.
  • Due to their stretchability, they are flexible but tough.

BenefitsGel Bags for Cold Packs

Gel bags from TDI are strong and sturdy. By all means, you can trust that these plastic bags will get the work done once they come out of the freezer.

  • Since gel stays flexible, it will contour to any shape. On the other hand, frozen water (ice) becomes hard and unbendable.
  • Any printed information or images will not smear with moisture.
  • These plastic ice packs can be reused over and over again while being stored in a freezer.
  • Gel-filled ice packs are suitable to keep something cool, not frozen. They are suitable for perishable items that should not be frozen.  >> The Balance Every Day: “Things You Shouldn’t Freeze”

TDI has provided local businesses with gel bags for decades. Our dedicated partners know that they get the consistent quality they are looking for.

“In all these years I can’t recall an instance where we’ve had any quality issues with your gel ice bags.”     ~Laird Waddell

Industries that Use Gel Bags for Ice Packs

TDI’s cold packs have been widely used by various industries. From start to finish, these specialty bags will hold up when you need them.

Food and Transportation Industry:

Gel bags keep food items cool so they stay fresh and don’t spoil too fast during transportation. Due to their flexible shape, they fit in various boxes and containers.

Medical and Healthcare Industry:

Cold packs are used in many recovery situations. They help to relieve pain, reduce swelling or fever.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, gel ice packs have been extremely helpful. Many institutions, such as hospitals, schools, and fitness centers have them readily available.

Gel Bags for Cold Packs At Home:

Countless families use these bags at home in case of an illness or injury. It is easy to keep an ice pack in the freezer for when the time comes. And they can be reused many times, as needed.

Custom Gel Bags for Cold Packs

Now that you’ve learned what gel bags for cold packs are, let’s review what TDI can do for you.

  • TDI will custom-print your text or logo on your packaging product.TDI Gel Bags
  • Importantly, the print does not smear while in extremely cold conditions.
  • Additionally, they will not easily leak or puncture in frozen temperatures.
  • We produce gel ice bags in various sizes and gauges.
  • Because they can be reused, it is a very cost-effective solution in the long run.
  • We also make custom plastic bags for ice. If that is what you are looking for.

The TDI Advantage

Team TDI will give you undivided attention to create the right bag for your application. Because quality and excellent service are what we stand for.

Of course, we do much more than producing gel bags for cold packs!  TDI creates custom poly bags and film for most industrial and commercial uses. It is our specialty.

Please feel free to contact our Sales Team today for more information on our custom plastic packaging products.

For further details, such as size and specification, please make sureclose up of a gel ice pack to >> visit our Gel Bags web page here.


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