What Plants Thrive In A Plastic Grow Bag?

By September 13, 2023Plastic Grow Bag
image of a plastic grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

If you’re not sure what type of plants thrive in a plastic grow bag, we’ll provide you with a general list in this blog. Also, if you wonder whether this type of soft pot really works, you will find the answer here.

After almost five decades of usage, TDI’s simple solution has proven to be greatly beneficial for all kinds of species. In fact, countless local nurseries use this effective medium to grow healthy plants in the most economical way.

Image of samples of a plastic grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Plant Bags . Seed Bags . Tree Sleeves

So basically there are 3 types of plastic grow bags, depending on their uses. At TDI, we offers the full spectrum: plant bags for plants, seed bags for seeds, and tree sleeves for trees. That makes sense, right?

image of plant usage in TDI's plastic grow bagBut wait, sometimes there are exemptions. For instance, some growers use plant bags to grow young trees, or vice versa, they use tree sleeves for plants. So basically, there’s no set rule. Whatever works best for you. 

“Each potted plant in a rigid plastic container costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s plant grow bags. It’s because they are thicker, contain more soil and absorb more water. Can you imagine the amount of savings for a nursery that needs thousands of them?”  (comment from a nursery partner)

Benefits of a Plastic Grow Bag

image of a white plastic grow bag with vent holes from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.There are several reasons why a nursery bag is so beneficial. For example, it folds flat to save valuable storage space. Also, it’s very cost-effective. And although each grow bag is light-weight, it’s made-to-last.

In addition, custom vent holes provide plenty of oxygen and good water drainage. So with the proper usage, plants become strong and healthy, with fibrous roots.

Bottom line: You can successfully grow any container plant in a plastic grow bag. But the difference with a traditional rigid pot is that you’ll pay a fraction of the cost for what you would normally pay.

Plants that thrive in a Plastic Grow Bag

Now, back to the list of species that flourish in these nursery bags, below is a list of the most common types of plants.

Nut Trees:

Almond, Pistachio, Walnut

Fruit Trees:

Avocado, Fig, Olive


Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit

Flowering Plants:

Protea and many others

Native Desert Trees:

Date, Coconut, Bamboo

Hemp Plants:

Is a Plastic Grow Bag Safe?

Please be assured that all products from TDI are made of FDA-approved material, so it’s considered safe. Also, each plastic grow bag is recyclable, and if still in good condition, reusable.

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Why Buy A Plastic Grow Bag From TDI?

image of a person in front of rows of plastic grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging in a greenhouseWhile searching for nursery bags, we know you might find other overseas suppliers that offer the highest quality at the lowest price. However, they often overpromise and have long lead-times with poor quality control. So please be wary.

Clearly TDI Custom Packaging is a local manufacturer you can trust with products that are 100% US-made. With a highly dedicated team you’ll receive the best quality and service you deserve. Because your success is our success!

Prepare For Your Quote

Now that we peeked your interest, please feel free to submit your quote request.

But in order to make an informed decision, it’s best to check out our website to review important details. And since TDI’s grow bags are custom-made, it is imperative to determine size, gauge, material, vent holes, and more first.image of 3 orange samples of a plastic grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

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If this is not your first time, you might already have samples available of what you’re looking for. Even drawings or pictures can help us pin down your exact needs.  

Please contact us today for your free consultation. And don’t forget to ask for your samples. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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