Can Liners: Types and Benefits

By April 14, 2024Can Liners

Can liners, also known as garbage bags, play a crucial role in waste management and maintaining cleanliness in various environments. Numerous households and businesses use TDI’s trash bags to collect and dispose of waste effectively.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of can liners and the benefits they offer.

Types of Can Liners

To distinguish between the different types of trash bags, we look at the resin material they’re made of:

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

image of white polyethylene resin in barrelsThis type of resin provides strength and durability. HDPE can liners are often used in commercial and industrial settings where rugged performance is required.

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

On the other hand, LDPE makes bags more flexible and stretchable. This characteristic makes them ideal for light to medium-weight debris and are commonly used in office buildings, retail stores, and households. 

image of one of TDI's blue can linersLinear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

LLDPE combines the strengths of HDPE and LDPE making them highly resistant to punctures and tears while providing excellent stretchability. LLDPE garbage bags are suitable for various applications, including food service, healthcare facilities, and janitorial services.

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Benefits of Can Liners

Waste Containment

Trash bags help contain waste, preventing leaks and spills that can lead to mess and contamination. They keep debris contained within the bag, making it easier to handle and transport.

Hygiene Maintenance

image of outside trash containers with can liners insideUsing can liners promotes hygiene by reducing direct contact with waste materials. This is especially important in healthcare facilities, food service establishments, and areas with strict cleanliness standards.

Strength and Durability

Different types of bags offer varying levels of strength and durability to suit different needs. For example, those that are more heavy-duty can withstand sharp or heavy items, while lighter ones are more suitable for everyday trash disposal.

Essentially, can liners are effective tools for waste management and maintaining cleanliness in various environments.

image of one of TDI Custom Packaging's can liners on a rollCan Liners from TDI

By understanding the different types and their benefits, it helps individuals and businesses choose the right products for their specific needs. 

Whether it’s durability, flexibility, or further customizations, TDI has a can liner option available for your diverse requirements.


As an expert in custom packaging, TDI offers options such as color tint, gusset, and opacity. Additionally, we provide a range of customization features to meet specific packaging needs.

US Quality

While international suppliers might be hard to beat at times, you can still rely on US-made products for quality and service.  Additionally, by choosing TDI’s can liners, you’ll support the local economy.


Since TDI’s can liners are made of poly material that is lightweight, they take less energy to produce and save on fuel during transportation. Also, they are recyclable for reprocessing into a new product. 

Why Get Can Liners from TDI?

blown-film extrusionTDI always has a reputation for lower minimum order requirements, faster delivery times, and excellent service. 

Purchasing directly from a reputable manufacturer offers the convenience of working with a local company that you know and the assurance that you’ll receive high-quality can liners.

Please feel free to contact our sales team to find the right can liner  >>

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