TDI Custom Packaging Products

image of TDI Custom Packaging blown-film extruder machines

TDI Custom Packaging Products

To better understand the custom packaging products we produce here at TDI, here’s a quick overview.

Over the course of 50 years, TDI Custom Packaging has built itself a reputation as a quality manufacturer specializing in made-to-order polyethylene products.

Specialty Poly Film 

At TDI’s manufacturing facility, we extrude, convert, and print quality poly film, bags, and tubing. However, since each item is unique, it’s impossible to list every single item. So following is a general overview:


image of clear centerfold sheeting on a rollSheeting is the simplest form of poly film, offering options like resin material, gauge, color, print, and size. 

Apart from basic sheeting, there are other options. Centerfold, for instance, is folded over, often in half, while J-sheeting is folded in a J-shape.

Poly Bags:

image of flat poly bags that are examples of custom packaging products from TDIAt TDI we produce poly bags with numerous variations, all based on your specific needs. While some are straightforward, others require a more complex production process.

Examples include flat bags, gusseted bags, bottom or side-sealed bags, handle bags, and bags with one or more pockets. Of course, there’s a range of additional options available.

Lay-flat Tubing:

This type of polyethylene tubing remains flat during shipping or storage. Thus, when filled with product, it expands into long, flexible tubing with two open ends.

You find lay flat tubing in various applications. For instance, it’s used as a cost-effective solution to package goods with irregular or uneven shapes. Also, it can transfer air, gases, or liquids over short distances. 

Customization Options

At TDI, we provide tailored packaging solutions designed to meet your specific requirements or those of your customers.

Resin Materials

A range of polymer resin options, including LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, and blends, are available to achieve the gauge and characteristics you’re looking for.

All of our materials are either recyclable or can be mixed with recycled polymer. It’s also good to know that the resin we extrude is FDA-certified, so it’s safe for food products.

Special Features and Options

image of the manufacture of a custom plastic bagBy adding certain additives you can reach the desired result for your packaging product. For instance, we can add EVA, linear low, anti-stat and/or UVI, and more.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose the color of your poly film product, whether it’s a standard color or a custom tint created to your specifications.

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One-Stop Source

image of the inside of the blown-film extrusion plant to manufacture TDI Custom Packaging productsTDI offers a full spectrum of in-house services including blown-film extrusion, converting, and printing. As a family business, we take pride in creating custom packaging products made in the USA. 

Despite a smaller footprint, our production process is efficient. And through direct contact with our team, you’ll receive personalized attention tailored to your needs. 

TDI Custom Packaging Products

image of the facility that manufactures TDI Custom Packaging productsCreating unique quality packaging products requires a keen eye for details and listening to our customers. It also demands having the right expertise and experience.

With over five decades of creating customized packaging solutions, TDI stands as a trusted source since 1974.

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