What are the Benefits of Seed Grow Bags?

In this blog, we review what seed grow bags are, as well as the top seven benefits.

These smaller-sized poly bags are an excellent alternative to traditional pots and are not only practical and cost-effective, but also highly efficient. Let’s take a closer look at these nursery bags.

What Are Seed Grow Bags?

These types of bags have three main features:

image of orange and black seed grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Tubular Shaped

TDI’s nursery seed bags are tubular shaped and smaller in size than average grow bags.

Usually, they come folded flat in a box, so all you have to do is unfold them and then they’re ready for use.

image of black and orange seed grow bags

Punched Holes in Seed Bags

The bags have drainage or vent holes that are created for good reasons.

Firstly, large punches ensure proper drainage to prevent root rotting. Secondly, these holes guarantee constant oxygen flow that is necessary for the growth of young seedlings.  

image of orange seed grow bags from TDI Custom PackagingGussets

Another feature of TDI’s seed bags is that they come with a gusset on each side.

These side gussets allow them to stand upright easier while creating an expandable space inside.


Why Use Seed Bags?

Tiny seeds are fragile and can easily die if not properly taken care of. Therefore, they require additional protection from external influences, such as severe weather conditions.

Also, seedlings need the right amount of water, oxygen and heat, or it may destroy them. So that’s where special bags come in to play. 

Benefits of Seed Grow Bags

image of a hand holding a seed grow bag with a small plant inside

#1 Improved Rooth Health

Seed grow bags promote healthier root systems by allowing air to penetrate the soil through vent holes. This prevents root circling, encourages fibrous roots, and ensure roots get enough oxygen to grow stronger, more resilient plants. 

#2 Enhanced Drainage

Proper drainage is crucial for plant health, so these bags excel in this aspect. Vent holes allow excess water to escape, reducing the risk of root rot. 

#3 Cost-Effective Seed Bags

Compared to rigid pots and containers, seed grow bags are much more affordable.

Especially when you need hundreds or thousands, the savings add up and can significantly impact the success of agricultural operations.

“After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming.”  | a Protea Plant Nursery Partner

image of crates filled with small protea plants in seed grow bags

#4 Space Efficiency

Seed grow bags are more compact than regular containers, therefore they cover smaller areas in nurseries or greenhouses. 

#5 Less Storage Space

At the end of each growing season, the bags can be emptied, cleaned, and folded flat for storage. Because seed bags demand minimal space, they take up less storage room.

#6 Versatility of Seed Grow Bags

These bags are incredibly versatile, suitable for a wide range of plant species, flowering and non-flowering plants, as well as small, immature trees.

For example, pistachio and protea plants thrive in TDI’s bags. Essentially, any seeds that normally grow in containers can thrive in these nursery bags. 

#7 Eco-Friendly

All seed grow bags are either reusable or recyclable, contributing to less waste. In addition, they are eco-friendly because they take less energy to produce and less fuel during transportation. 

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation: “Plastics and the Circular Economyimage of people filling seed grow bags with soil and plants in crates >>

Seed Grow Bags from TDI


TDI’s grow bags have consistently shown to be of superior quality. Our partners in the agricultural field are testimony of that.

“Compared to other Seed Bags, yours is superior, thicker and taller.”    Carolina Leap | Blooms in Bliss Protea Flower Farm


TDI understands how crucial it is to have the right container for optimal, healthy growth of your plants. That’s why our seed bags are fully customizable with the perfect size, gauge, vent holes, and more. 

Seed Grow Bags for Nurseries

image of black seed grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc. in cratesFlexible bags for nurseries are UV-resistant to protect plants from harmful sun rays. Following are a few of the most popular sizes:

#1 –  2” x 1½” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

#2 –  2½” x 2” x 9½” x .003 (1000/2500/cs)

Seed Grow Bags for Greenhouses

image of a hand holding a nursery grow bag Greenhouse seed bags work for either indoor or covered use. Here are some of the most sought-after sizes:

2½” x 2” wide x 9½” long x .003 mil for larger seeds

2” x 1½” wide x 9½” long x .003 mill for smaller seeds

Although the standard color is black, other colors may be available upon request.

image of black nursery bags from TDI Custom Packaging filled with plants outdoors

Plant Bags and Tree Sleeves 

In addition to seed grow bags, TDI also produces plant bags and tree sleeves. These flexible pots are taller, thicker, or wider, so they can hold bigger and bulkier plants. 

image of a person holding a seed grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging at a nurseryBasically, any type of container plant will do well in a nursery grow bag; whether these are plants for food production or ornamental flowers and trees.

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