Top Benefits Of A Narrow Grow Bag

By April 20, 2023Grow Bag
narrow grow bags

Find out what the top benefits are of TDI’s narrow grow bag. Compared to a standard-sized container, this unique, tubular-shaped bag provides significant savings in many aspects.

Top Benefits Of A Narrower Grow Bag


1. Less Soil

image of a person filling a narrow grow bag and another person arranging them in a crate

A bag that is narrower holds less substrate than a larger, wider one. That’s certainly an advantage, because a grower spends less on expensive soil with the same end result.

2. Minimal Water Usage

Logically, a smaller container requires less water. Thus, it will not only save in valuable water resources, it will also reduce utility expenses. For any nursery this could mean a significant amount of savings.


“Each potted plant in rigid plastic containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags. It’s because these mediums are thicker, contain more soil and absorb more water.”    ~ a dedicated nursery partner

image of a crate filled with plants3. Grow More In Less Space

With grow bags from TDI, a nursery can place more plant bags in the existing area.

Essentially, they can either cultivate a higher volume of plants, or use a smaller amount of space for the same amount of plants. Surely, it’s the most optimal use of available space. 

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4. Pull More Water

According to one of our partners, it’s very beneficial to use a taller, narrow bag, because it pulls water from deeper into the ground. Especially during dry spells, it is important to use water more efficiently.

“Longer, taller bags encourage roots to grow deeper than usual. This is a benefit because once planted in the ground and if they aren’t watered, for instance, the roots can continue to pull water from the ground.”    ~ an agricultural partner of 40+ years

image of orange narrow grow bags in different positions5. Narrow Grow Bag: Less Is More

In essence, TDI’s leaner nursery bag provides “less for more”. So, what other benefits does it provide?

  • Since the bag is very lightweight, it requires less fuel in transportation.
  • Also, less material in production means a lesser carbon footprint.
  • Needless to say that foldable grow bags will cover less storage space.

“We see no reason to switch to another type of pot, because TDI’s plastic grow bag works best and is very economical.”  ~ comments from a horticulturist

Try TDI’s Narrow Grow Bag

image of a person holding a plant grow bag from TDI Custom PackagingWhile countless cultivators have tested TDI’s plant bag for almost 50 years, they continue to switch to this effective product.

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