How to Measure a Flat Poly Bag

By March 26, 2024flat poly bag

The right Specifications for a Flat Poly Bag

Before placing an order for a flat poly bag from TDI Custom Packaging, it’s crucial to gather precise specifications. These measurements require width, length, and gauge.

Width and Length

image of a flat poly bag with details outlinedImportantly, you will need to measure the right width and length, because a correct fit is crucial. With a custom bag that is too tight for especially bulkier products, you may have to force contents inside. On the other hand, excessive space could lead to items sliding around causing potential damage.

Ensure the dimensions are as accurate as possible, even down to one-tenth of an inch! Additionally, exclude the area beyond the skirt or the side seams, and focus solely on the usable portion of the bag.

Gauge or Thickness

Custom Plastic Packaging Bag

The gauge of a poly bag refers to its thickness, typically measured in mils (1 mil = o.oo1 inch) or microns (1 µ= o.oo1 millimeter).

Generally, gauge determines the strength and durability of the bag, with a higher gauge indicating a thicker and more robust material. 

YouTube – Can U Show Me How: how to measure bags >>

Size Ranges of TDI’s Flat Bags

  • Width:  minimum 1.25 inch (1.25″) | maximum 40 inches (40″)
  • Length: minimum 5 inches (5″) | no maximum
  • Gauge:  minimum 1 mil. | maximum 15 mil.

Specifications of other Bag Products

perforated layflat tubing

TDI Custom Packaging produces a variety of unique plastic bags that each have different specifications. For instance, the width of layflat tubing cannot just be measured while the product lays flat; there’s more to it. 

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Due to the intricacies involved in measuring a packaging product, we recommend consulting with our team first to ensure precision.

Still Not Sure About Your Flat Poly Bag Size?

micrometer device to measure the gauge of a flat poly bagIf this is your first time purchasing a custom flat poly bag and you’re unsure about how to obtain the correct measurements, don’t worry! Our friendly staff is here to assist you at every step.

Please feel free to reach out to our team for further guidance in determining the right specifications.

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