Poly Film Solutions for Agriculture

image of a protea farm nursery with poly grow bags in the background

Poly Film Solutions for Agriculture

TDI Custom Packaging produces polyethylene agricultural film, catering to every stage of farming: from planting to harvesting, storage and distribution.

Additionally, all of our agricultural products are UV-resistant and recyclable. Here’s a snapshot of our offerings to wholesale nurseries and greenhouses, all designed to support the growth of healthy plants.

image of a black nursery bag filled with a seedling, as an example of poly film solutions for agriculture

Nursery Grow Bags

One of TDI’s popular products is our custom-made grow bags, designed to replace traditional plastic containers. Essentially, any plant thriving in a rigid containers can flourish in our nursery grow bags.

We offer three types of nursery bags: plant bags, seed bags, and tree sleeves. Each serves to nurture healthy plants, seeds, and small tree species.

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Plant and Seed Bags

a person holding a seed bag, as an example of poly film solutions for agricultureClearly, the advantages of these flexible grow pots are many. For instance, they’re cost-effective, easy to store flat, lightweight, effective, energy-efficient, and recyclable/reusable.

In regards to seed bags, they’re the smaller version of plant bags having elongated shapes to shield seeds during their initial growth stages.

Tree Sleeves

image of a person holding a black tree sleeve, as an example of poly film solutions for agricultureTDI’s tree sleeves are usually the sturdiest and biggest bags, without a bottom.  They’re made to nurture young trees and specific plants.

| “The first year we did a test with TDI’s grow bags and from there on, for the last 31 years, we have been using these grow bags to raise our pistachio trees.” (pistachio farm)

Vented Poly Tubing

image of white vented poly tubing on a roll produced by TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.Numerous greenhouses and storage facilities utilize pre-punched lay flat tubing from TDI for heating, cooling, and ventilation purposes. 

Vented poly tubing funnels the right amount of air to designated crops in covered areas, through a pattern of select perforated holes. It’s a cost-effective but productive method to nurture healthy plants. 

| “The 4 mil poly tubing met all the customers’ expectations. Your attention to detail and follow-up is greatly appreciated.” (agricultural distributor)

Mulch Film

image of a field of crops with mulch film, as an example of poly film solutions for agricultureTDI Custom Packaging can produce lengthy pre-punched poly sheets designed to cover rows of soil in the field. As such, it provides vital protection during the initial phases of plant growth.  

Using TDI’s mulch film (up to 100 lbs/roll) offers many benefits. It suppresses weeds, saves water, protects against bad weather, keeps fertilizer in place, controls soil temperature, and blocks harmful sun rays.

Low Carbon Footprint

Polyethylene is exceptionally lightweight, needing less energy for manufacturing and transportation because it’s thin. Additionally, poly products from TDI are recyclable and in some cases reusable, after a thorough cleaning process. 

And for printed packaging, we exclusively use water-based ink to prevent chemical residue leaching into the environment.

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Custom Plastic Film Solutions

Besides nursery grow bags, poly vent tubing and mulch film, TDI manufactures products related to other aspects of farming. In essence, this includes options for harvesting, storage and distribution. 

TDI Custom Packaging produces poly bags, film and sheeting made according to your desired size, gauge, and further specifications. For example, we produce industrial packaging such as heavy-duty can liners, flat bags, gusset bags, and many more.

| “Dealing with a family-owned business like TDI has been a total pleasure. It is nice to know that management and ownership are interested in the satisfaction of its customers.” (a distributor)

image of a green polyethylene bubble in a blown-film extrusion plant for poly film solutions

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With fifty years of trusted service to local growers, partners rely on us for quality, service and reliability. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable sales team to ensure you find exactly what you’re seeking.

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