Layflat Tubing – Easy and Economical

By February 8, 2022layflat tubing
image of bags on roll as an example of simple poly packaging

What is Layflat Tubing?

Wrapped around a core for continuous use, layflat tubing is easy to use and very economical. Poly tubing has two open ends that users can cut to any size and convert into a plastic bag.


  • elongated shape
    image of layflat tubing

    tubing for water flow

  • comes flat on a roll
  • the material is seamless
  • made of polyethylene

How to Use Plastic Tubing

perforated layflat tubing

perforated tubing

This product is so versatile, that it can be used for any item with varying lengths. Simply cut it at the desired location.

Next, convert it into a custom-sized bag by closing one side. You can either use a heat sealer or a tape sealer: tools that are very easy to use. 

In some cases, it’s best to leave both sides open. For instance, to protect a poster from dust with both ends tucked in.

Video on how to make individual bags from poly tubing here >>


Benefits of Layflat Tubing

Bottom Seal Bags

bags for parts made from tubing

In short, here are its main benefits:

  • Can be cut to any desired length
  • Sealable on one end, both ends, or leave both sides open
  • Very economical compared to custom-made bags
  • Flexible material that’s bendable, lightweight, and durable
  • Protects any item from dirt, dust, or other debris
  • Eco-friendly: takes less energy to produce and can be recycled

Industries and Examples

Flat poly tubing is widely used in many industries. Here are a few examples:

tubing for poster

Food industry – bags to store food items like bread loaves of varying shapes

Retail – clear tubing to hold art posters (with both sides open, tucked inside)

Construction – layflat tubing that serves as a temporary air duct 

Transportation – protect goods from debris during transfer


How to Measure Layflat Tubing:

It’s important to measure the diameter of your product at its widest part, just to make sure that it will fit inside the tubing. This measurement will be the basis for your calculation.

phi for diameter calculation of layflat tubingFormula: Multiply Diameter x 3.1416 (pi) x .5

For instance, if the diameter of a long metal tool is 5 inches, then the width of the flat poly tubing needs to be greater than: 5″ x 3.1416 x .5 = 7.87″


Custom Layflat Tubing from TDI

Here at TDI Custom Packaging, we manufacture quality poly tubing according to your specific needs:

red layflat tubing on a roll

  • custom prints, including logos, up to 4 ink colors
  • various unique options: gauge, material, size, and more
  • FDA-approved resin material

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our friendly sales team is here to give you an ear and a helping hand!

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