Flexible Grow Bags versus Rigid Containers

When comparing flexible grow bags with rigid containers, the poly bag version clearly shows that “less is more”.  In this blog we will explain exactly what this means. And how the use of plastic material is beneficial to both the grower and the environment.

Flexible Grow Bags versus Rigid Containers 

There are so many benefits associated with plastic nursery bags, that once tried, they oftentimes become the new growth medium for growers.

This comparison shows the main differences between poly grow containers and rigid pots. For instance, because they are so lightweight, they save on a lot of energy.

comparison flexible grow bags versus rigid containers

Why Use Plastic Material in Flexible Grow Bags?

So if you think that plastic is bad for the environment, please think about it twice. Looking at it closely, you will find that polyethylene material has many advantages.

‘Less is More’

  • With less plastic, more pots are produced with the same amount of material than rigid pots.
  • Less material means a lesser carbon footprint during production.
  • With their lower price tag, you will be able to buy more flexible containers.
  • Also, you will save on storage space, because they fold flat. So you can store more of them.

image of cash and plants to show savings with TDI's grow bagsSo in the end, you will get more bang for your buck!

Many nurseries are using TDI’s grow bags, as a responsible way to succeed with their operations. They can recycle and reuse them over and over again.

Here’s a YouTube video of a nursery using plant grow bags (watch after the first 9.30 min.): GrowYourGreens.com >>

Flexible Grow Bags from TDI

flexible grow bags for nurseriesTDI Custom Packaging has manufactured poly nursery bags for decades. After more than 45 years in business, we are experts in creating them.

TDI’s grow bags are made of long-lasting poly material, that is surprisingly energy-efficient and eco-friendly. 

About Flexible Grow Bags From TDI >>


Custom Plant Grow Bags

With your varied needs in mind, team TDI offers multiple customization options, such as related to size, gauge, color, holes, and much more.flexible grow bags

Besides the ever-popular plant grow bags, we also manufacture seed bags and tree sleeves.

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