Benefits of Poly Grow Bags

Plastic Plant Grow Bag

Many nurseries and greenhouses along the West Coast have recognized the benefits of poly grow bags from TDI. 

By using TDI Custom Packaging’s flexible containers, plants thrive while developing strong fibrous roots. Moreover, these mediums are highly cost-effective, enabling growers to achieve significant savings. 

About TDI’s Poly Grow Bags

Our nursery bags are soft plastic containers designed to replace traditional rigid and heavy pots. Despite their thin appearance, they provide a durable and reliable solution.

TDI’s plant bags come folded flat with two side gussets that expand to create a larger volume when filled with soil. This design ensures that the bags stand upright and serve as a regular plant container. 

So, why do nurseries choose TDI year after year for these flexible pots? What are their advantages?

Benefits of Poly Grow Bags

If you’re seeking an economical alternative to enhance the success of your nursery, look no further than this:

1. Cost-Effective Solution

image of two folded black plastic nursery grow bags

TDI’s plant bags are very cost-effective. Their lower price tag allows businesses to save money that can be allocated to other areas.

2. Promotes Healthy Growth

In addition, these bags not only foster vigorous plant growth but also promote the development of a robust root system. Consequently, healthy plants, seeds, and trees experience accelerated strong growth.

3. Enhanced Oxygen Supply and Drainage

Equipped with custom-punched holes, our nursery bags ensure ample oxygen supply. Additionally, they facilitate proper drainage, preventing the risk of root rotting.

4. Space-Saving Design

Due to the thin and foldable material, TDI’s nursery bags ensure minimal storage space requirements. This feature leads to additional savings in operating costs. 

Plastic Nursery Grow Bags

5. Tailored Solutions

TDI’s plastic grow bags are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Our expert team will assist you in selecting the best options for achieving optimal results.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Importantly, our bags are energy-efficient, utilizing minimal material during production. And they can be recycled and oftentimes reused.

“Each potted plant in rigid plastic containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags. It’s because these mediums are thicker, contain more soil and absorb more water.”  (a successful horticulturist)

Poly Grow Bags From TDI

TDI Custom Packaging manufactures three types of made-to-order nursery bags:

Plant Bags – Seed Bags – Tree Sleeves

Our products are well-suited for flora that typically requires rigid containers. Furthermore, they are commonly utilized for vegetation such as young trees, blossoms, seedlings, and various plant species. image of plants that use plastic nursery grow bags

At TDI Custom Packaging, we produce grow bags using premium polyethylene material. Although the standard color is black, we also offer various other color options.

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image of a person standing in front of an outdoor field with plants in black poly grow bagsAs pioneers in plastic grow bag production since the early 1980s, TDI Custom Packaging has extensive expertise in our product range. 

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