Plant Grow Sleeves: Best Option?

image of a person holding a black plant grow sleeve

When it comes to spending less on nursery products, plant grow sleeves might be your best option. Without a doubt, they effectively replace other, hefty containers that may get quite expensive. Especially when you need them in bulk.

Besides being economical, they have tons of other benefits. So, why switch from your current grow medium to a flexible nursery product? Let’s take a closer look at these poly grow sleeves.

image of black plant grow sleeves with avocado plants

Advantages of Plant Grow Sleeves


For one thing, their low price is hard-to-beat. In fact, they can literally save a farmer hundreds to thousands of dollars, as a cost-effective alternative.

Healthy Growth

Plant grow sleeves from TDI have proven to work well for farmers who want to nurture healthy, strong plants. Certainly, what our nursery partners say is testimony of that.

| “After more than 40 years of usage, I see no reason to switch to another plant grow medium. Especially since business is booming beyond expectations.”  ~ a horticulturist

image of a smiling person in front of a field with black plant grow sleeves

Plant Grow Sleeves

TDI’s plastic sleeves are bottomless with two open sides. So logically, less material means they are more economical.


Because this product is so lightweight, it also takes less energy and resin material to produce these flexible containers. In addition, they save on fuel during transportation.

Reusable – Recyclable

image of a pile of used plant grow bags

reusable – recyclable

Depending on the condition, plant grow sleeves can be reused for more than one or multiple planting seasons. And the cleaning process is quite simple. 

At the end of its life cycle, a plastic sleeve can be recycled for reprocessing into a brand-new product. There’s countless items on the market that are made out of recycled polyethylene. 

Plant Grow Sleeves From TDI

Our nursery sleeves come in all types of shapes, tints, and thicknesses. We leave it up to our partners to decide what’s best for their plant species.

It’s also worth mentioning that they come folded flat, therefore taking less storage space.

TDI’s Agricultural Products

Besides plant grow sleeves, TDI manufactures other products to grow all kinds of seeds, plants, and trees. You’d be surprised to find out how plants thrive in our nursery mediums.

Plant Bags or Seed Bags

image of a hand holding a protea plant in a black seed bag under a canopy

TDI’s plant bags are for plants of almost any size. In fact, they are suitable for anything that normally grows in a rigid container. You name it: fruits, nuts, ornamentals, native plants, trees, and much more.

For fragile, tiny seedlings we advise you to use our special seed bags, that are smaller in size than our regular plant bags. 

And of course, TDI will completely customize grow bags to your specific requirements. That’s what we do best!

Mulch Film

image of a hand holding strawberries in front of a field covered with mulch film

Another TDI nursery product is mulch film to grow plants outdoors in the field. For example, strawberries blossom well in this type of flexible packaging.

So, with winter approaching, it’s best to order your supplies now to be ready for the next planting season. 

And while you speak to our friendly team, please don’t forget to ask for free samples, so you can make a more informed decision. Request your free samples here >>>

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