Shockingly Strong – Bottom Seal Poly Bags

a variety of bottom seal poly bags

Undeniably, bottom seal poly bags are known for having a stronger seal compared to similar types of packaging products. 

TDI Custom Packaging has manufactured these plastic bags for almost half a century. So producing customized flexible packaging bags is definitely our specialty. 

Why Are Bottom Seal Poly Bags Stronger?

Poly bags can either be sealed towards the bottom portion or on both sides. With bottom seal bags, the seal creates extra reinforcement, so bags won’t rip easily. Because of this, they are most suitable for heavy-duty applications.

image of an orange trash bag as an example of bottom seal poly bagsHere at TDI Custom Packaging, we produce bottom seal bags simply by heat-sealing lay flat tubing at regular intervals. 

Depending on further customizations, these types of bags are generally a most cost-effective solution.


image of one blue roll and one clear roll of trash bags on a rollAny industry that needs bags “with a strong bottom line” will benefit from TDI’s flexible poly products.

Oftentimes, industrial sectors need extra reinforcement in packaging for rugged applications. For instance, trash bags and box liners are good examples.

Bottom seal bags are suitable to hold small parts, compact tools, and many other components. Also, containment of bulk quantities is secured with this product.

Other Uses of Bottom Seal Poly Bags

image of a black plastic grow bag with seedlingsA lesser-known use of these bags is in the nursery sector, where they serve as plant grow bags. Here they prove to be highly effective, economical, sturdy, and built-to-last.

Additionally, there’s a big advantage for nurseries to be able to customize their own grow bags. That way, they don’t have to deal with mass-produced, more expensive plant containers. 

Technical Jargon

image of a bottom seal poly bag with detailsFollowing are a few commonly used terms in the manufacturing industry, as it relates to bottom seal poly bags.

The Skirt / The Tail – the thin strip below the bottom seal

The Usable Space – the larger area above the seal that holds the contents

Of course, this image is just an example. Every packaging bag TDI makes is uniquely created according to our customer’s specific needs.

Types of Bottom Seal Poly Bags

Oftentimes, you will find bottom seal bags as individual bags, bags on rolls, gusset bags, or pocket bags. Below are the benefits of these types of bags:

image of blue trash bags that are bottom seal poly bags on a roll. Bags on rolls – facilitate access, since you can easily tear them off the roll

. Side gussets – create expandable space for additional items, once unfolded

. Pocket bags – contain a separate pocket space to divide and organize contents

Please feel free to ask our knowledgeable sales team for more information.

TDI Custom Packaging On-Demand

Team TDI is highly specialized in the manufacture of quality poly bags that are made-to-order. Besides, everything is produced and sourced in the USA.

image of 2 orange nursery seed bagsWe offer various custom solutions as it relates to gauge, size, color, print, resin, blend and much more.

image of TDI's white bottom-seal poly bags with a handle and an orange pumpkinAlso, it’s not just about getting a superb product, but about TDI’s excellent service.

So, what are you waiting for? Please contact our friendly sales team today for your uniquely designed bottom seal poly bag solution!

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