We Do Simple Poly Packaging

TDI is the most reliable, local manufacturer of simple poly packaging. When it comes to custom basic film solutions, we are the experts.

With a track record of almost 50 years and a solid customer base, you know you can rely on TDI. 

Why Choose Simple Poly Packaging?


Faster Processing

image of two clear bubbles in a poly extrusion manufacturing plantSince designs are pretty straightforward, so the whole process from start to finish is faster.

Logically, it takes less time to create a simple work order, set up machines, and run production compared to that with complicated goods. 

More Agility

image of clear centerfold sheeting on a roll as an example of simple poly packagingWith faster product deliveries, businesses can be more agile. It allows them to adapt to changing market demands.

Furthermore, it gives them a competitive edge to competitors with long lead times. 

Lower Minimum Orders

image of blue tinted plastic tubing on a roll as an example of simple poly packagingAt TDI, we accept lower minimums on simple poly packaging orders.

It allows our partners to keep minimal inventory levels, since they only buy what they need, not more. And that helps them stay profitable. 


Less Material in Basic Poly Packaging

image of pepper in clear plastic bags as an example of simple poly packagingEssentially, most designs that are cut-and-dry involve less substance matter.

For example, a flat poly bag without a side pocket includes less resin material than those that do have an extra pocket. 


Needless to say that there is a better price point for our partners, in the end.

It’s an economical way for businesses to find poly packaging solutions, while accumulating some savings.


Environmental Benefits

a hand holding a green globe symbolizing we need to refocus on recycling plastic packagingFinally, speedier processing with less material leaves a lesser carbon footprint and that helps the environment.

In the end, when it’s all done and over with, most basic packaging is recyclable. 

Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources: “Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Plastic Bags and Wraps” >>>

TDI’s Simple Poly Packaging 

image of green plants in nursery grow bags as an example of simple poly packagingAll of our custom plastic bags, film, and tubing products are made right here in the USA. From sturdy trash bags, box liners, to tubing, centerfold film, to the most basic sheeting – we do it all.

TDI serves multiple markets. For example, we provide economical grow bags to nurseries, so they are able to thriver.

A Reliable Manufacturer

image of an orange trash bag on a street as an example of simple poly packagingNot only is our packaging US-made strong, but for almost five decades, TDI has built a reputation for creating quality products with excellent service.

No matter what, simple packaging solutions will always be in demand. Because who doesn’t need a trash bag, right?

Basic Poly Packaging Solutions

So, by simplifying your packaging requirements, you are able to save time, become more agile, and cut expenditures. 

Of course, TDI is also specialized in more complex packaging solutions; it all depends on your needs. Please feel free to contact our sales team to find out how we can help you succeed. 

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