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By November 13, 2023custom grow bags
image of greenhouses and a field with black custom grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Custom Grow Bags During The Holiday Season

As the holidays are here, it’s wise to plan ahead and anticipate potential challenges in the supply chain for custom grow bags. Being well-prepared ensures that, come planting season, you or your customers will have the necessary nursery containers readily available.

image of two people sitting on a table with laptops and paperworkWhy Choose Early Purchasing? 

Investing in the products you need, well in advance, comes with several benefits. Let’s delve into the reasons behind opting for early purchases.

Possible Production Delays

image of a person looking at a watchThe festive period brings about potential hurdles in production, including reduced staff, supply chain challenges, and shortened business hours. These factors can contribute to delays in  manufacturing.

To bypass any setbacks and guarantee a continuous supply, it is highly recommended to procure your custom grow bags early.

Custom-Made Products Require Extra Time: 

image of custom grow bag: one black plant bag filled with soil and 3 orange seed bagsAlthough TDI’s production is generally faster and more agile than other packaging manufacturers, additional time is still needed.

Especially when it concerns unique, custom-made items which require more time compared to standard off-the-shelf products, allocating the necessary time is crucial.

Beat the Rising Inflation

image of a graph showing un upward curve with in the background a person with glasses onDue to the continuous inflation rates, it’s clear that prices are steadily increasing in a trend that is not stopping anytime soon. So here  is another compelling reason to make your purchase sooner rather than later.

Anticipate Longer Delivery Times:

During the holiday rush, shipping carriers encounter a notable surge in demand. Unfortunately, this heightened volume in deliveries can contribute to a longer delivery time, to some extent.

TDI Custom Packaging: Your Trusted Source

image of 3 generations: hands that are cupping each other with the smallest hand inside and a stone that says: TDI CUSTOM PACKAGING INC."As a family business we’ve been a trusted source since 1974, so that’s almost 50 years. Furthermore, TDI excels in producing cost-effective nursery bags with a reputation for early delivery and great customer satisfaction.

You and your team killed it. You delivered ahead of schedule and the customer was very happy!” (from a distributor)

Local Manufacturer

image of custom grow bags: an unfolded black plant bag on top of orange and black seed bagsTDI Custom Packaging is a local manufacturer that only processes materials sourced from within the USA. 

So if you’re seeking faster deliveries and excellent quality, you’ve found the right place. Also, remember that you have significant control over the product design because you buy directly from the producer.

Why Choose TDI’s Custom Grow Bags?

Boost plant health cost-effectively with our flexible, recyclable bags, saving storage space, energy, and fuel. TDI provides customizable options such as for size, thickness, color, ink and more. Optimize plant growth your way.

Secure Your Nursery Supplies Today

image of custom grow bags: seed bags filled with protea plants

In conclusion, proactively securing your custom grow bags not only prevent stock shortages, but also ensures a seamless transition into the upcoming festive months.

Clearly, it is advisable to place your order now rather than waiting. Stay ahead and position yourself for a successful planting season by taking action now.

Please feel free to call our nursery grow bag representative Raif today at 714-696-6404 for your free samples, or visit our website here >>

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