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pistachio plants in TDI's plant bags

TDI’s Plant Bags

Find out how TDI’s plant bags became one of the first flexible grow containers in the local nursery and greenhouse industry. 

Furthermore, discover the reasons why plastic grow bags, such as those used to grow pistachio trees, are highly advantageous for container plants and trees. Also, read about the many benefits they provide, contributing to overall success.

How It All Started

one of TDI's Plant Bags filled with soil and a seedlingWay back when, in the 1970s, as a substantial pistachio tree grower was looking for quality nursery containers, they learned about TDI’s plant bags.

Soon after the grower contacted TDI, they found out the many benefits associated with them. Not only did these flexible pots help them grow healthy trees, but they were available at a much lower cost than other containers. In this blog, find out how these plant bags contributed to their success.

“It was frustrating dealing with that other company. I’m glad we finally received TDI’s plant bags; they are working great for us.”  ~ a pistachio nursery

Pistachio Tree Growth Process

Unfortunately, surviving in outdoor conditions can be a challenge for fragile pistachio seeds. For instance, they can suffer from an influx of insects or rodents, or from extremely warm or cold weather. Evidently, they need a protected environment in their early life stages. 

Generally, pistachio seeds age around 1-2 years, after that they become seedlings that require transplantation to a bigger pot. This marks the start of their journey to become mature trees, thriving in their new location.

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The Challenges 

Initially, the local pistachio nursery sought sturdy containers for effective seed growth. However, traditional pots proved too expensive, particularly given the large quantity required in the thousands.

TDI's Plant Bags for pistachios in a greenhouseMoreover, another challenge was the warehouse square footage needed to store empty rigid containers. Between planting seasons, these hard pots filled up a considerable amount of valuable storage space.


The Solution

All in all, TDI’s sturdy grow bags showed the following advantages:

Enhanced Protection: protection is essential for delicate seedlings.

Healthier Plants: good oxygen flow stimulates healthy growth.

Effective Drainage: proper drainage prevents damaging root rot.

Cost-Effectiveness: pots made from thin material provide great savings.

Efficient Storage: bags that fold flat and are more narrow than rigid pots require minimum storage space.

After extensive usage, TDI’s flexible plant container showed consistent positive results, contributing to the grower’s overall success. So the choice was clear. Since then, the nursery has relied on our bags to nurture thriving pistachio trees, at significantly lower cost than other alternatives.

“We’re not a Johnny come lately. TDI is one of the original plant bag makers, so these are tried-and-true products.” – Steve Deniger, President and CEO

TDI’s Plastic Plant Bags:

Importantly, TDI’s flexible nursery containers are fully customizable, allowing users to tailor them to their specific requirements. Also, our plant bags are recyclable and reusable, if still in good condition.

Evidently, these great features make TDI’s grow bags effective and popular, ensuring success for all kinds of nurseries, as well as for horticultural and other agricultural growers.

TDI's Plant Bags lined up in a nurseryTree Sleeves From TDI

Besides our ever-popular plant bags, TDI also offers sturdy tree sleeves that have two open ends.  Because of their exceptional strength, they securely hold both the soil and the plant in place.

“TDI’s grow bags keep plants moist longer, so they use less water. Can you imagine the amount of savings for a nursery that needs thousands of them over time?” ~ a local horticulturist

TDI’s Plant Bags for Agriculture

Obviously, our grow bags demonstrate significant benefits for all kinds of nurseries and greenhouses in the agricultural sector. Essentially, any container plant, be it a seed, a plant, a flower, or a tree, can thrive with a plastic grow bag.

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So, don’t miss out on the incredible advantages TDI’s sturdy plant bags have to offer.

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