Prepare for the Holidays with Custom Poly Supplies

With the coming holiday season’s focus on festivities, it’s essential to secure ample stock of custom poly supplies.

In order to avoid stock shortages and ensure a continuous supply, it’s highly recommended not to delay meeting your product needs. What makes early purchasing the better choice?

Custom Poly Supplies Amidst the Holiday Rush

image of a clock with fall leaves to symbolize ordering custom poly supplies early

Potential Delays in Production:

During the festive period, production delays may arise due to reduced staff, supply chain issues, or shorter business hours.

Consequently, ordering early guarantees timely completion of specialty items, while you’re preparing for the upcoming year’s demands.

Custom-Made Products Require Extra Time:

image of a packaging production line to produce custom poly suppliesIt’s crucial to understand that TDI’s custom packaging products often need longer production times than standard, off-the-shelf items.

Clearly, we need the necessary time to create your unique items to guarantee timely completion.

Anticipate Longer Delivery Times:

During the holiday rush, shipping carriers experience a significant increase in demand. Unfortunately, this surge in deliveries can also lead to a longer delivery time, to some extent.

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Gratitude and Dedication: TDI’s Pursuit of Excellence

Team TDITeam TDI values being unique, catering to a niche market with distinctive packaging solutions.

Moreover, we’re proud of our dedication, offering reduced minimum orders, personalized assistance, and faster deliveries to valued partners.

Custom Poly Supplies from Team TDI

TDI’s dedication mirrors a close-knit, solutions-driven team, treating you like family, with a solutions-oriented approach. 

Additionally, TDI has a long history of manufacturing tailor-made poly packaging, ensuring 100% US production for nearly 50 years.

“Everything looked great and arrived on time” ~ from an industrial distributor

Secure Your Custom Poly Supplies

By securing your purchases early, you ensure timely stock availability, enabling a seamless, festive season.

Stay ahead by being proactive and placing your order sooner rather than later, as today is the best option!

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