Plant Bags To Protect Against Heat

By July 18, 2023Plant Bags

In this blog, find out how TDI’s plant bags protect container plants from summer heat and other extreme weather conditions. 

Also, discover how nurseries and greenhouses can thrive with the benefits that these flexible grow mediums offer.

How Plant Bags Protect Against Heat

. UV-Resistant Material:

With TDI’s poly resin material, your plants are protected against harmful UV-rays that could damage or kill them.

.  Vent Holes:

image of folded black plastic plant bagsThrough customized vent holes, you will be able to adjust the temperature and air flow inside these grow bags. For optimal results, you may chose size, location, and quantity of holes on each of TDI’s grow bags.

. Retains Moisture:

With heavier-gauge material, plants retain moisture longer so they don’t dry out. As a result, it increases their chances to stay healthy and flourish.

| “TDI’s grow bags keep plants moist longer, so they use less water. Can you imagine the savings for a nursery that needs thousands of them?”  (a partner of 40+ years)

. Pulls Water Deeper:

image of a long plant bag aka seed bagAs is the case with longer plant bags, they pull water from deeper underground. Obviously, this is a big advantage  in dry conditions. And following is how one of our partners described it.

|”Longer, taller bags encourage roots to grow deeper. This is a benefit because once in the ground and not watered, for example, the roots can continue to pull water from the ground.”  (a local nursery owner)

Important Benefits of Plant Bags

. Most Economical:

Once comparing it to other types  of nursery containers, plastic grow bags are the most cost-effective of all. Because they require less material in the manufacturing process, plant bags are very energy-efficient and most economical. 

| “Each potted plant in rigid plastic containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags.”  (a thriving horticulturist)

. Strong, Healthy Growth:

image of custom grow bags filled with protea plantsOverall, plant bags from TDI stimulate the development of fibrous roots that in turn create strong, healthy plants. And as it relates to seeds; they provide them with proper protection as well.

. Recyclable:

Our flexible grow containers are recyclable and oftentimes reusable. As nurseries use them again, it provides a significant savings. And once completely done, plant bags can be recycled.

. Reliability:

image of plant grow sleeves filled with young trees out in the field With a track record of almost 50 years, these nursery bags have proven to work… big time! Certainly, numerous growers on the US West Coast have tried and used them successfully.

In fact, TDI is a trusted manufacturer consistently providing excellent quality, lower minimum orders, and faster delivery times.

Article CalMatters: “California farmers try new crops to cope with climate change” >>>

Plant Bags From TDI

image of a sales representative from TDI Custom Packaging in front of rows of black plant bags filled with soilIn conclusion, TDI’s plastic grow bags do not only protect your species during extreme heat, but they also provide a slew of other, customizable benefits.

By all means, feel free to talk to our dedicated team that will attentively listen to your needs. And then we will advise you on how to succeed.

So, please survive the heat and contact ‘green’ sales representative Raif at 714-696-6404 for your free quote today!

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