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If you’re looking for industrial poly packaging, then TDI is your best source for quality custom products. With so many customizations, we offer poly film, bags, and tubing that you can rely on for protection and efficiency.

To make a clear distinction; consumer packaging differs from industrial packaging in that it’s made for the end-user only. Industrial packaging, on the other hand, is created for the stages after production and before delivery to the consumer.

Purposes of Industrial Poly Packaging

What are the main reasons for this type of packaging in business use?


image of ice packs as an example of industrial poly packagingFirst and foremost, industrial poly packaging is created to protect products during storage, transportation and shipping.

With TDI’s custom solutions, you can chose the right materials according to your needs. For example, products stored in a freezer will need a gel bag that withstands these extreme temperatures.


image of plants in heavy-duty plastic grow bags as an example of industrial poly packagingIndustrial poly packaging should last and at the same time, made to prevent leakage. With heavy-gauge material and extra additives, TDI creates robust film for your specific applications.

An example of thick poly film suited for outdoor weather conditions is TDI’s plant grow bag. Plants are protected from harmful sun-rays due to strong UV-resistant material.


image of trash bags on rolls as an example of industrial poly packagingMostly made for practical purposes, industrial packaging creates a better workflow. They’re geared to work for a specific work environment and oftentimes can hold a large quantity of product.

For instance, TDI’s trash bags that come on a roll are extremely handy. Whenever someone needs a bag, they simply tear along the performed line to gain fast and easy access. 

Economical Industrial Packaging

image of a clear flat poly bagFurthermore, industrial packaging is very economical because of its basic, yet strategic design. Especially with TDI’s available customizations, you can select the most efficient lay-out for its purpose. 

In some cases, consumer and industrial packaging are integrated into one package that draws attention to its brand image. For example, mulch bags that are visible during storage or transportation in retail locations.


Image of a green globe with recycling arrowsIt’s a known fact that flexible poly film uses less energy during the manufacturing process. It’s more eco-friendly, because it absorbs less carbon during production than any other, heavier material.

Importantly, most of TDI’s poly film used in our products are recyclable and reusable at the end of its life cycle. 

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Industrial Poly Packaging from TDI

High Integrity

image of the USA with a flag printed on itAt TDI, you get what you pay for and it’s all made right here, in the USA! At the same time we treat you like family, while we stay ‘true to spec.’ 

As an honest family business that’s been around for almost 50 years, you can trust we’re doing the right thing. It’s a result of keeping up our values of quality, respect, and integrity.  


Undoubtedly, team TDI makes sure that our packaging products fit your needs with the highest quality and best service. Because we know how important this is to your business.

With lower minimum orders, faster turnaround times, and excellent service, we set ourselves apart from others. So don’t hesitate, but contact us today for your free quotation and personalized service!

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