Fall Into Savings With Plastic Grow Bags

image of dollars falling from the sky unto field of plastic grow bags filled with young trees

With the fall season here, it’s a good time to consider ways to save in nursery supplies, like with TDI’s plastic grow bags.

Besides providing nurseries with an effective solution, all of our products are US-made. So what are the reasons that these flexible containers are so advantageous?

How To Save More With Plastic Grow Bags

There’s a slew of reasons why flexible nursery bags are beneficial. And being more economical is definitely a big advantage.

image of stacks of coins with seedlings growing out of the top as a symbol to save while growing plantsAs one of our long-time nursery partners stated:

“Each potted plant in rigid plastic containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags. It’s because these mediums are thicker, contain more soil, and absorb more water.“  

Why are the poly plant bags so cost-effective? Well, there are different reasons for that:

Lighter Gauge

With less material processed during manufacturing, they are significantly more economical than other products on the market. 

Less Fuel 

a hand holding a green globe symbolizing we need to refocus on recycling plastic packagingBecause of a lighter total weight, less fuel is needed during transportation, so that reduces shipping costs.

Less Storage Space with Plastic Grow Bags

In between planting seasons, these bags can easily be folded and stored, so they take a lot less storage space.


Image of a green globe with recycling arrows

Logically, less material requires less energy during production. So this means that they leave a lower carbon footprint behind.

Reusable – Recyclable

Another benefit is that TDI’s plastic grow bags are oftentimes reusable, or recyclable for future repurpose.

Narrow Plastic Grow Bags

A lesser-known product is our narrow grow bag. With its small footprint in both size and material, they are usually the most cost-effective solution of all nursery bags.

image of 2 people filling up black thin plastic grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc. with soilLess Soil & Water

By using a tiny grow container, you will need to purchase less soil, so you will spend less.


And with a smaller amount of soil, the plant needs less water to stay moist. So that’s another savings.

image of a hand holding one of TDI's narrow black plastic grow bags with a small flowery plant in itLess Space for Plastic Grow Bags

Since narrow grow bags take less horizontal space, you will be able to put more bags in the same amount of space you normally use. 

Deeper Roots

Clearly, taller plant bags allow species to grow longer roots which allows them to pull water deeper.

A local nursery owner explained:

Longer, taller bags encourage roots to grow deeper than usual. This is a benefit because once planted in the ground and if they aren’t watered, for instance, the roots can continue to pull water deeper from the ground.” 

Plastic Grow Bags from TDI

image of a smiling male person standing in front of a field with TDI's plastic grow bags filled with plantsEspecially during these times of high inflation, nursery bags can be another tool to help you succeed with your agricultural business.

So now that you know the benefits of TDI’s grow bags, it’s time to review our Nursery Bags Page here >>>  

Our grow bags expert Raif is happy to answer your questions and send your free samples: click here >>>

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