10 Reasons for Plastic Grow Bags

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The Many Benefits of Plastic Nursery Grow Bags

Plastic Grow Bags offer several benefits for your nursery and believe it or not, they are environmentally-friendly! I will explain this further and cover the reasons why you should seriously consider using these types of polyethylene plant bags, if you haven’t done so yet. In the end, it can save your operations valuable money!

There are various other names used for these Plastic Grow Bags, such as Poly Nursery Bags, Flexible Grow Bags, Flexible Nursery Bags and so on.  In this article I will simply refer to them as Plastic Grow Bags.

10 Reasons for Plastic Grow Bags

1. They are Inexpensive:

It takes a lot less resources and energy to manufacture plastic grow bags compared to heavier or sturdier containers such as cloth or ceramic pots. Less energy means a lesser carbon footprint on the environment. As a result of this, the overall cost of production is lower, which brings down the price tag considerably.

2. They Take up Less Space:

Once the growth season is over, these polyethylene nursery bags simply fold flat for easy storage. They don’t take up much space in your warehouse, so it will save you on inventory costs.

Plastic PlantBags3. They are Economical:

As mentioned earlier, plastic grow bags take less energy and resources to produce than other materials.

In addition, TDI can produce them with recycled materials.  And you can recycle them once used.

4. They are Reusable:

Any poly nursery grow bag in good condition can be reused. Just fold them flat, stack them up, and store them for next time!

5. They Provide Protection:

These types of bags protect your greenery from outside influences.  It shelters them from extreme weather conditions or small insects.

6. They are Fully Customizable:

TDI can create any size or thickness of poly material for your plastic grow bags.  Furthermore, you determine size, quantity, quality and location of vent holes on the bag. The right configuration of punched holes is extremely important for proper drainage and oxygen flow to your plants or trees.

plastic nursery grow bag

7. They Require Less Water:

Polyethylene plant bags require less water, so it will definitely save you on your water bill. Besides, what a great way to conserve on valuable water resources!

8. They Stimulate Growth:

With the proper drainage, the right ventilation, and added protection, TDI’s plastic grow bags stimulate healthy plant and tree growth.

Dr. Carl E. Whitlock, Oklahoma State University Professor of Horticulture, made the following statement: “At the end of the growing season, plants in soft containers were five to 15 times larger than plants in the same size rigid containers.”

9. They are Durable:

Since plastic grow bags are flexible yet made out of thick polyethylene material, they don’t crack or rip easily. As a result, plastic plant bags withstand most warm or cold weather conditions.

10. They Cost Less to Transport:

An additional benefit is that these plastic nursery bags are lightweight. Since transportation costs are calculated by weight and distance, it is obvious that you will save on transportation costs!

How about TDI’s Grow Bags and Sleeves?

TDI has served the nursery industry for decades with various plastic grow bags and sleeves. Typical clients are wholesale nurseries on the West Coast that grow various plants and trees, or specialize in seed propagation.

Plastic Seed Grow Bags

Plant and Seed Grow Bags:

TDI’s Plastic Plant Grow Bags and Seed Grow Bags are basically the same, however, plastic seed bags are usually significantly smaller. Seed bags protect and stimulate healthy growth of small, fragile seedlings.

Plant and Tree Sleeves:

Plastic plant sleeves and tree sleeves are in the shape of a sleeve or a tube, just as the name implies. The poly sleeve wraps around the trunk and has no bottom, since it is open on two sides.

Flexible Tree Sleeves

Sleeves do not only provide protection against harsh weather conditions and small insects, but they also block small rodents from damaging the stem, due to the thick polyethylene material they’re made out of.

TDI’s Flexible Nursery Grow Bags


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Please make sure to visit our booth #302 and check out our samples of plastic grow bags and sleeves. Our friendly staff will be there to advise you on how you can save money with your nursery business.

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