Heavy-Duty Plastic Bag Options

Image of a bison pushing heavy-duty plastic bags

TDI offers heavy-duty plastic bag options for practical applications. Whenever you are looking for a robust bag that can hold a large volume and substantial weight, this type of packaging is a perfect fit for you.

Generally, you will find strong, industrial packaging in just about any application where functionality is key. After all, even a bison will find it hard to destroy them!

What’s the Benefit of ‘More Muscle’?image of a heavy-duty bag

First and foremost, these plastic bags are built to last. So rest assured that TDI’s powerful packaging will get the job done, over and over again.

Usually, appearance here is not priority number one, but could still be essential for brand recognition.

Reasons For A Heavy-Duty Plastic Bag:

  • Because it is so tough, this type of poly bag will hold and protect its contents.
  • Also, it is more economical than other rigid containers, like boxes.
  • Due to its lightweight, the manufacturing process requires less energy.
  • Furthermore, it uses less fuel during transportation.

image of a measuring gauge deviceHow to Determine the Gauge

Essentially, the thickness of the film material is determined by its weight and the volume of its contents. In addition to the right type of resin, the proper gauge makes them extra strong.

>> Solvetech Inc.: Plastic Gauge Thickness Chart

Heavy-Duty Plastic Bag Options from TDI

Custom industrial packaging from TDI provides the ultimate hold and protection for your valuable items:

  • TDI has a range of top-quality resin materials to choose from.
    example of a heavy-duty plastic bag as trash bags

    heavy trash bags in use

  • Customize your product with the right gauge, color, size, and further layout options.
  • Our quality bags are puncture and tear-resistant, with superior strength.
  • Receive excellent service and support, from a highly experienced team.
  • Market your brand image by including your own logo and text.

What Markets Use Our Powerful Packaging?

Undoubtedly, you will find these functional polyethylene bags in just about any industry. Below are just a few examples of where they can be found.

image of a clear heavy-gauge poly bag

a thick poly bag


There are countless needs for rugged bags in the construction industry.

They are tough enough to hold contents that are heavy, such as pebbles, small parts, cement mix, and many other construction-related contents.


Industrial Sector:

image of an example of a heavy-duty plastic bag: 2 bottom-sealed plastic bags

strong bags for parts

TDI’s strong plastic bags can hold items such as small tools, nuts, bolts, screws, and many more.

They oftentimes have printed information on the outside, such as a part number, or a product description.


image of an example of a heavy-duty plastic bag: 2 gel ice packs

Gel Ice Packs


One example of a strong and sturdy bag is the gel ice pack or gel bag, that can withstand extreme temperatures.

Once filled with gel, they are applied as ice packs to reduce pain, swelling, or fever. Of course, there are numerous other examples of the heavy bag uses in this sector.


image of an example of a heavy-duty plastic bag: a black plant grow bag

Plant Grow Bag


TDI’s Plant Grow Bags are very popular with the nursery industry because they stimulate strong, healthy plant growth.

They provide the proper ventilation, drainage, as well as oxygen. In addition, these flexible containers are most economical, easy to use, and recyclable.


image of an example of a heavy-duty plastic bag: bags on roll

Bags on Roll

General Uses:

For instance, our durable bags on rolls are oftentimes used as trash bags. Here, they can be easily torn off the roll for immediate use.

We produce them in different gauges and sizes, with or without your print or logo.

Of course, poly bags come in all shapes and sizes, that are used in many applications.


Custom Plastic Film, Sleeves, and Tubing

image of an example of a heavy-duty plastic bag: a plastic sleeve

Plastic Sleeve

Besides the manufacture of rugged poly bags, TDI produces a whole range of other functional plastic packaging products that include sheeting, sleeves, and tubing.

For instance, thick custom-built sleeves are used by tree orchards to protect immature trees from outside influences.  These simple, cost-effective sleeves have been used for ages.


Rely on TDI for Stability and Strength

Just like the toughness in our packaging products, TDI as a company has proven to be stable and strong. With a successful track record of more than 47 years of successful manufacturing, TDI is built to last.

Allow team TDI to show you what your heavy-duty packaging options are with a free consultation. We will give you an honest answer, without surprises, so we can both succeed!

image of a roll of red poly bags on a production line


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