FDA-Approved Poly Film

image of blue poly film on a production line with words "FDA APPROVED" in red

It’s good to know that TDI produces FDA-approved poly film that originates from the finest prime resin material. This type of polyethylene is safe for the food industry and others.

Essentially, it means that our plastic film is not only the best in quality but most importantly, that it is safe to use by the consumer. Thus, it complies with the strict regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Why FDA-Approved Poly Film Matters


FDA-Approved Poly Film Resin

Virgin resin is a pure raw material. There are no other substances in it, that could cause contamination or pose a health hazard to its users.

Once they are mixed with another matter, even in the tiniest quantities, they are no longer considered safe. Unless those other materials (like additives) are FDA-approved, they will keep their FDA status.

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Industries That Require FDA-Approved Poly Film


The food and medical sectors need safe plastic products.food-grade plastic packaging in a grocery store

  • Food-grade packaging is required for all edible products. Thus, you will find them in every grocery store.
  • Likewise, the medical and healthcare industries rely on safe plastics to hold medications, vaccines, instruments, and many more items.

Why Rely on TDI

At TDI, we care about quality. Not only do we utilize prime resins for our packaging; we also strive for excellence in the whole manufacturing process; from start to finish.

With the quality standards we follow in every aspect of our operations, you can trust us for providing you with the most reliable and safe packaging.

Logos of EPA and AQMD agenciesIn addition, TDI is environmentally conscious.  We maintain strict compliance with the Air Quality Management District (AQMD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at all stages of production.


Examples of FDA-Approved Poly Film

Following are a few examples of safe food and medical packaging products from TDI:

Bread Bags

FDA-Approved Poly Film for Bread

Most of our plastic bags for bakery products are expandable. As we all know, baked bread usually comes in uneven shapes that can be bulky. So a gusseted bag from TDI allows for expansion where more space is needed.

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FDA-Approved Film for Candy Bags

Bags for candies, cookies, and many more

Depending on your print and customization, these types of bags are fairly economical to purchase.

And because their contents usually have the same format, you will only need one size bag.

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FDA-Approved Film for Gel Bags

Gel Bags

Another great product worth mentioning is our gel ice bag, which is used in the recovery industry. These strong gel-filled ice packs withstand extremely cold temperatures.

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Besides the aforementioned, we produce a whole array of other plastic packaging products.

Your Best Buy in FDA-Approved Poly Film

Undeniably, team TDI has successfully produced quality custom poly bags, tubing, and film since 1974. So it should come as no surprise that we consider ourselves true specialists!

Image of a Red Stamp "FDA APPROVED"

Ultimately, trust is something that is earned. And we are dedicated to making that happen, each and every time. So please feel free to contact us today for more information. You will be glad you did.

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