Plant Grow Bags for Beautiful Blooms

image of protea flowers

Especially during spring, nurseries in Southern California display colorful flower fields while using poly plant grow bags for their beautiful blooms.

I was anxious to see TDI’s nursery bags in action to find out what floriculturists say about our popular containers. 

TDI’s Plant Grow Bags in the Field

image of a person holding a plant grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Raif holding a plant grow bag from TDI

So our dedicated sales person Raif and I decided to meet with a nursery owner to see how they use TDI’s grow bags.

“John” as I refer to him for privacy reasons, has bought tons of plant bags from us over the course of 40 years or so.

John cultivates the most beautiful, exotic flowers that almost look like aliens. They’re from the Protea family that originate from Australia and South Africa.

image of orange flowers from the Protea family in the field

Passion, Patience, and Nursery Grow Bags

The way John speaks, we feel that he has a big heart for his nursery. It’s obvious that he enjoys taking care of the Protea farm, together with the dedication of his family.

While taking in the beauty of these hills, we notice how the flowers are blossoming. Apparently they thrive with the right soil, the proper care, and the Southern California climate. But in addition to that, they depend on the proper grow container. 

Why Use TDI’s Nursery Bags?

So we ask John why he always uses our plant bags. John goes on by pointing out a few important reasons:

image of a plant grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.♦ The soil stays moist longer in these bags, so they need less water. For a drought-stricken state like California, that’s a huge advantage. Don’t we all want to use less while saving on the water bill?

♦ Longer, taller bags encourage roots to grow deeper than usual. This is a benefit because once planted in the ground and if they aren’t watered, for instance, the roots can continue to pull water from the ground.


Huge Savings with Plant Grow Bagsimage of a Protea nursery with plant grow bags from TDI

Next, John shows us some rigid plastic pots on the side that are wider, but shorter.

He mentions that each potted plant in these containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags.

It’s because these mediums are thicker, contain more soil and absorb more water. Then he adds:

“Can you imagine the amount of savings for a nursery that needs thousands of them?”


image of TDI's plant grow bags in crates filled with plantsJohn sees no reason to change to a different container, especially since his business is booming beyond expectations.

With the use of crates, John is able to neatly stack plant bags against each other, before selling them off to the wholesale market.

So once the nursery is done with the bags, they can either be recycled or reused, after a good cleansing process. 

Strong, Healthy Flowers with Planting Bagsimage of flowers from the Protea family

Many flowers of the Protea family do well during long shipments overseas, since they are so resilient.

As I am reaching out to gently touch one of the blooms, John says: “Don’t worry Catrina, they are very tough.”


John tells us how nice TDI’s staff always treats him. I’m glad to hear he appreciates our family business. 

image of a bouquet of flowers from the Protea familyAs we are getting ready to leave, John gives us a gorgeous flower bouquet to take home.

Certainly, Raif and I were glad we came to visit, because this was such a great experience. And it’s interesting to see first-hand how our poly nursery bags help a family succeed.


Plant Grow Bags for Beautiful Blooms

image of plant grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

Without a doubt, TDI’s nursery bags can work for any type of flowers and plants. They can be tailored to your unique needs as they come in all kinds of varieties.

There’s a real opportunity for horticulturists who want to see strong blossoms and excellent savings. But it’s up to them to figure out what configuration work best for healthy plants.

So if you’d like to get more information or see samples, please contact us today to start growing your beautiful blooms!

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