Custom Vent Hole Spacing

In short, the term ‘custom vent hole spacing’ refers to the unique space between openings that is created in accordance with specific needs. So they are not standard vents with generic measurements.

Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but those placed at fixed locations might not be the most effective packaging solution. – definition of a vent hole: “A hole through which gas or air can escape.”

Custom Vent Hole Spacing

That’s why TDI is specialized in providing you with detailed solutions that uniquely work for you; in this case as it relates to punching eyelets at specific spots. This gives you the opportunity to determine what works best for you.

Customization – It’s In The Details!

In our commitment to create completely customized packaging solutions, TDI focuses on the nitty gritty details. And one of those details that make a difference are the measurements between eyelets.

image of 2 black plant bags with custom vent hole spacingSpacing:

With regards to spacing, TDI can place them anywhere from being close to further apart from each other.

At the same time, it’s good to know that vent holes are usually placed in a row.


Secondly, the diameter of the opening determines how much gas, oxygen, or steam flows through at a time. In fact, the size of the puncture controls the volume and speed of the release.

image of blue poly with custom vent hole spacingLocation:

Round eyelets can virtually appear anywhere on a packaging product: towards the top, the middle, or the bottom. Also, you can group them together vertically or horizontally in one row or more.


Besides spacing, size, and location, the quantity of vents can range anywhere from just a few to several openings.

Uses for Custom Vent Hole Spacing

Simply said, one size does not fit all. Each work environment has unique requirements. With controlled airflow that is achieved by customizing space between vents, it significantly improves work efficiencies.

Generally, vent holes create ventilation, but in other cases they release pressure in a closed circuit allowing air, gas, or steam to escape. 


Specific measurements for punctures is useful in various industries, such as in packaging, shipping, food industry, agriculture, medical settings, construction, and many more.

image of 2 orange seed bags with custom vent hole spacing Bags with Vents:

Oftentimes, TDI places vents in plastic bags when air needs to be released once filled; for example, for easy packing or shipping purposes.

In agriculture, nursery grow bags contain eyelets to provide proper ventilation for plants. As such, it stimulates healthy growth and fibrous roots.

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image of white lay-flat tubing with custom vent hole spacingAir Flow Tubing:

Lay flat plastic tubing with vents is used by the manufacturing and construction industries as a way to manage air flow. It can either be used for ventilation or to move air from one area to another by relieving pressure built up inside.

In other cases, air flow tubing is also beneficial for nurseries and greenhouse growers. With custom vent hole spacing, air passes through gradually, in a more controlled way.

Sheeting With Custom Vent Hole Spacing:

With holes strategically placed in a large sheet of plastic film, it releases air. Evidently, vents can be placed anywhere as needed.

For example, agricultural mulch film that is placed on top of rows of soil provides proper ventilation for strawberry fields.


TDI’s Cost-Effective Solutions

On a final note, custom vent hole spacing is an economical packaging solution for many of our partners. And we’ve only done it for almost 50 years now!

Please contact one of our packaging consultants Vivian or Raif today for your free quotation and to find out what we can do for you.

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