Partner in Custom Poly Products

It’s always good to find a reliable partner in custom poly products, especially when quality is a defining factor. Especially a supplier with excellent service will most likely deliver first rate packaging. 

Here at TDI, we are grateful for all of our customers. Especially for those who’ve done business with us for decades. It is a clear testimony they put their trust in us.

Your Partner in Custom Poly Products

How does TDI maintain its long-term relationships? What does it take to gain and keep our partners satisfied with custom packaging bags and film?

image of three dogs to symbolize our partnership in custom poly products


First of all, trust is the most important factor. Our partners know that we will do the right thing. And that our team has the expertise and leadership to create quality custom poly products.

And with a proven track record of 45+ years, TDI is a local, trusted manufacturer you can rely on. 

|“TDI has been a great supplier from day 1. They are the most consistent poly manufacturer I’ve dealt with in 27 years in the industry.” (a local manufacturer)

Integrity And Fairness:

Our team has the integrity and fairness to treat you like family, especially when faced with challenges.

As a partner, TDI Custom Packaging will always do what is fair to all parties, because we aim to create a win-win situation.

| “It is nice to know that management and ownership are interested in the satisfaction of its customers.” (an industrial distributor)

image of Santa's hands holding a cup of great-looking chocolate milk to symbolize excellent service and quality Quality And Service:

With our superb service, professionalism, and attention-to-detail we deliver quality custom poly products, consistently.

Also, you may be surprised by the personal attention you’ll get, even after delivery of your product. It’s because our team makes sure to stay in touch with you, so you know we care.

| You and your team killed it. You delivered ahead of schedule and the customer was very happy.” (a packaging distributor)

Serving A Niche Market:

TDI is different from the pack. We offer lower minimum orders and faster turnaround times in most cases. Something that’s not easy to find in the industry.

In addition, we are more agile to responding to your varied needs with components that are all US-made. So no sleepy Santa here!

| “Dealing with a family-owned business like TDI Custom Packaging has been a total pleasure.” (a distributor)

TDI… Your Partner in Custom Poly Products

image of packages under the Christmas tree as a symbol for custom poly productsWhile having a great partner is always good; it is indispensable when it comes to tailor-made plastic bags and film.

TDI has been a custom packaging expert for decades. As such, we extrude, convert, and print unique specialty items in our Southern California manufacturing facility.

Custom Poly Products – Sooner Rather Than Later?

image of a Christmas tree with dates to symbolize ordering custom poly productsWith the availability of various packaging options, team TDI will make sure to help you find the item you are looking for.

And if you’re new to us, we will show you what true partnership means! So better not wait too long. Contact us today for your free consultation.


Happy Holidays from Team TDI!


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