Core Values to benefit your custom packaging experience

image of a tree with words that say "CORE VALUES FOR TDI" and words that describe this acronym FOR TDI

Led by strong core values, TDI delivers a unique custom packaging experience, with the exceptional quality you deserve.

Without these standards, achieving this level of excellence would be a lot harder to attain. Ultimately, they create a team spirit that sets TDI apart from the rest. So what do these moral guidelines entail?

“Vision: To Be A Reliable, Quality Partner for Specialized Plastic Product Solutions”

TDI’s Custom Packaging Experience

Family – Ownership – Respect and Teamwork – Drive & Dedication – Integrity

Why do we believe that these core values are so important for a company’s strength?

Image of blue poly film in TDI's extrusion plant with the words "Core Values" to present custom packaging solutionsEssentially we believe that solid, ethical values lead to strong, long-lasting relationships, especially with our partners.

It’s because everyone will come to understand that they can rely on TDI for quality custom packaging products with the highest level of service. 


The TDI Culture: Family, Ownership, Respect

image of people holding each other's hands with words "TDI CUSTOM PACKAGING, INC." to symbolize core values that create custom packaging solutionsAt TDI, everyone is like family; we are a caring community that takes ownership for what they do.

Whether you’re a staff member or one of our partners, we treat everyone with the same level of respect; like family. It’s what we call the TDI culture.


Teamwork, Drive & Dedication, Integrity

image of office staff bumping fistsTogether as a team, we share a common goal to make great things happen. It also motivates us to do better and go the extra mile.

So when a challenge arises, we give you undivided, personal attention while making sure you get treated with the highest integrity.


How Core Values Affects Success

In essence, we integrate solid, ethical standards to create mutual success for our partners and ourselves, so we can both thrive. 

With a success track record of 50 years in manufacturing, TDI has built itself a reputation for excellent quality and superior service.

Link to: Forbes “When Company Values Are Real and Visible, Everyone Benefits” >>>

Solutions for Your Custom Packaging Experience

image of a tree with words that say "CORE VALUES FOR TDI" and words that describe this acronym FOR TDISo whether you’re a long-time partner or completely new to TDI, we are here to create your unique poly film or poly bag product. 

If this is your first time, please don’t hesitate to request your free quote today. For those who know us, you already understand the process. We’ll talk to you soon!

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“Core Values to Benefit your Custom Packaging Experience”