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By September 24, 2022Gusset Bags
gusset bags

What Are Gusset Bags?

While lay-flat bags have limited space, gusset bags are expandable in volume. By unfolding the “gusset” and filling it with product, additional space becomes available.

In manufacturing, TDI Custom Packaging adds poly material to either both sides or only the bottom portion of the bag. This is what differentiates between the two types of gussets.

Side Gusset Bags

image of a white side gusset bag for plants

A side gusset bag has two expandable gussets along the sides. Here, the added depth provides more room for contents. 

This type of packaging will stand up straight, once it is completely unfolded.


Bottom Gusset Bagsimage of a bottom gusset bag filled with jelly beans

A bottom gusset bag only has a single gusset that’s located on the bottom portion. In this case, there are no gussets along the sides.

For example, a bottom gusset package filled with colorful candy, can be an attractive display.


Below are the most important benefits of gusset bags:

image of orange seed grow bags

Roomier – Since the bag expands, it provides extra volume, making them perfect for bulky items. 

Extra Strength – The gusset adds strength to the seam, so they become more durable.

Fold Flat – With gusset bags, you will need less storage capacity, because they fold flat neatly.

Economical – Generally, this type of packaging is pretty economical in purchase.

How a Flat Bag Compares to a Gusset Bag

image of a purple poly bag with contents

contents in a flat bag

In short: a poly flat bag ‘gives you what you see;’ it only gives you the volume that is visible.

image of a purple bag with its contents

more contents with a gusset

However, with a gusset bag you can enlarge the usable space for added contents.


Watch Video of Shipping Things: “What is a Gusset?” >>>

Examples of Common Uses

There’s numerous applications where gusset bags come to play. Here are some examples:

Heavy-duty box liners and trash bags

image of heavy-duty trash bags on a roll

TDI oftentimes produces box liners and trash bags that are made on a roll, so that the user has easy access to them. With the added perforations, the user can quickly tear them off for immediate use.

Other rugged bags

Strong packaging that is built-to-last is always needed in industries such as in agriculture, construction, or industrial sectors, for example.

Nursery grow bags

Flexible plant bags will stand up straight, once filled with soil.  Numerous horticultural growers on the west coast use them successfully.image of poly nursery grow bags with plants

Clear poly bags 

See-through bags are oftentimes used to display colorful items in an attractive way.  However, they can also be more practical and simply show what’s inside, like with showing different sizes of screws. 

Custom Gusset Bags

Team TDI is here to help you find the best quality solution for your ‘bulky poly packaging needs.’


TDI offers complete customization as it relates to color, gauge, size, material, or printed design (text, image, logo). Also, you can add options such as punched holes for either oxygen or drainage, handles to carry literature and much, much more.Image of a side gusset handle bag

Please contact Team TDI today for a free consultation.  You will be glad that you asked for our assistance!

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