Why Use Plastic Plant Bags?

Now that it’s spring, planting season is in full swing for many nurseries and greenhouses. And that means, getting all your supplies in order. Of course, there are many types of plant containers on the market. But why use plastic plant bags versus other types of rigid containers?

Let’s review first what plant bags are. And then we will show you why TDI’s popular nursery bags are one of the most effective solutions.

What is a nursery bag?

plastic plant bagsThis is a flexible poly container with a number of punched holes, also known as vent holes.

Each plastic plant bag comes folded flat so it needs to be unfolded first before each use. The filled container will be placed above the ground. Once the plant is mature enough, it is removed from the bag.  The empty container will then be folded together again for storage until the next planting season.

| Pistachio trees or citrus trees, for example, grow very well in our plastic plant bags.

TDI’s plant bags provide an excellent alternative to the traditional rigid pot, which is oftentimes heavy, thick and expensive to purchase. They are perfect for wholesale nurseries or greenhouse growers who are looking to save money while stimulating effective plant growth.

TDI’s plastic grow bags

Plant Bags

As the name implies, these soft containers are a great solution for cultivating plants. They come in all kinds of sizes or thicknesses and can be customized with vent holes. The vents allow for proper water drainage and oxygen flow for healthy root growth.

plastic plant bags

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Seed Bags

Seed bags are pretty similar to plant bags. However, they are much smaller in size simply because they hold and protect fragile tiny seedlings only. Just like plant bags, TDI can produce them in various sizes and colors.

seed grow bags

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Tree Sleeves

Another type of grow bags are tree sleeves. Unless plant or seed bags, they have an opening on both sides.

Tree sleeves hold and protect young or newly planted trees during growth. They guard the trunk against extreme weather conditions. Also, they prevent rabbits or small rodents from destroying the stem or the roots.

tree sleeve

tree sleeves (more info)

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Why use Plastic Plant Bags?

There are Several Benefits:

  1. The bags are so lightweight, that they take less energy to produce while cheaper to transport.
  2. The price is right!  It is very affordable to replace a bag with a new one, without breaking the bank.
  3. Since they fold up flat, they don’t take up much space so it will save you in storage costs.
  4. The punched holes provide for proper water drainage so roots will not rot easily.
  5. Also, the vents allow for the right oxygen flow so the plant stays healthy and grows faster.
  6. As the plastic is UV-resistant, it prevents overheating during warm summer months.

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Environmental Considerations

Nursery Bags

In recent years, heavy-duty, rigid grow bags have become popular items. The general belief is that they are environmentally-friendly. But is that true?

As a matter of fact, any heavy material takes a lot more energy to produce than plastic bags. This means that the manufacturing process releases more greenhouse gases into the air than lighter products.

TDI’s plant bags are thin with less material.  Not only do they require less energy to produce, but they are also cheaper to transport. In addition, our containers are reusable and recyclable. We can even use a blend of recycled materials to produce a new custom plant bag. Now that’s what we call being environmentally friendly!

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How TDI can Help

We hope that it’s clear to you now what the benefits are of TDI’s plastic plant bags. Our team is here to help you customize your flexible plant container to create the most effective growth product for your plants, seeds, or trees.

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