Why Plastic Grow Bags Help You Succeed

By September 1, 2021Plastic Grow Bags
Image of plastic grow bag at a pistachio nursery

You will be surprised to find out that simple containers like plastic grow bags can help you succeed in business. Especially now during these extreme drought conditions, you can probably use a little extra help.

These lesser-known flexible pots have brought success to numerous nurseries on the West Coast for decades. They are used either outdoors in the field or inside a greenhouse facility.

Why Are Plastic Grow Bags So Effective?

These are their main benefit:

  • Protection against outside influencesimage of folded plastic plant bags

  • Cost-Effective in purchase

  • Environmentally-Friendly


  • during rainy seasons: good water drainage
  • amidst drought: retain moisture longer
  • protection against harmful UV-rays
  • guard against small rodents and insects

Article NPR: “Without enough water to go around farmers in California are exhausting aquifers >>>


image of a greenhouse with plastic grow bags

  • very economical in purchase compared to other containers
  • less storage space is needed since they fold up flat
  • transportation costs are lower because they are light-weight


  • energy efficient: the lighter material requires less energy in production
  • recyclable and reusable (in good condition)
  • less water consumption: they retain moisture well

And More

  • these flexible poly containers have proven to stimulate healthy plant growth
  • they are made so durable that they will last for at least one growing season
  • TDI can fully customize your plant bags with vent holes and many other features

Other Poly Grow Solutions from TDI


image of plastic seed grow bagsSeed Bags:

Seed Bags are the tiny version of the plant grow bag.  Their main purpose is to protect tiny seeds or seedlings while still in their most fragile state.

Tree Sleeves:

Tree Sleeves are tubular-shaped poly sleeves that have two open ends. They are very effective to protect and stimulate growth in young trees.

Why Buy Plastic Grow Bags from TDI? >>>

As the pioneer producer of plant bags in Southern California, we definitely know what we are doing.

Since the 70’s we have introduced numerous nurseries to these efficient grow containers. The same growers are still successfully using our growth mediums.

Contact our friendly sales team here to request your free nursery sample package! >>>

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