Why Nurseries use Plastic Plant Bags

Being new to the custom packaging industry, I was wondering what plastic plant bags are and why so many nurseries choose to use them.

Because I had so many questions, I decided to sit down with an expert and ask a few simple questions. Now I have a better understanding of why nurseries are using these flexible grow containers. There are so many benefits to using them!

Question: What are plastic plant bags?picture of a plastic plant bag and seed bags

Answer: Imagine a traditional grow pot, but now replace the rigid, thick material with flexible plastic. Because a plant bag is made of quality, thick poly with side-gussets, it is built to stand up straight.

Many of them have so-called vent holes in them, punched at strategic locations to stimulate plant growth. There are several reasons why growers choose this option, which I will explain later.

Question:  How Does The Process Work?

Answer: Okay, so the soft bag container comes folded flat, right? Now when you open up the side gussets and fill it with soil, it will stand up on its own. Next, place the item you want to grow inside of it the same way you would with a regular pot: maybe you want to grow seeds, a plant, or a young tree.

You will then place the container above the ground or if applicable, inside a greenhouse facility.Picture of a black plastic plant bag with a seedling inside

Question: Why Do Nurseries Use Plastic Plant Bags?

So, I found out that many nurseries especially in California’s Central Valley use TDI’s flexible grow containers. And it seems to work well for them. Why is that?

Answer: In short, plant bags protect what’s inside and at the same time, stimulate growth. They are more economical than rigid containers and easy to replace. Because these bags fold flat they don’t take much space in your warehouse, saving growers in storage costs.

Question: Why Is The Use Of Flexible Nursery Bags So Effective?

Answer: As we look into the effects it has on the performance of plants we see some great benefits, just to mention a few here:

  • They protect plants, seeds, or trees from extreme hot or cold weather conditions and other outside influences.
  • Also, the confinement of a plastic container can create a greenhouse effect. That in return stimulates growth.
  • The bags prevent root rotting because the punched holes take care of proper drainage.Picture of the vein of a plant leaf to show how it breathes
  • Furthermore, the number of vents and their location will provide enough oxygen for the plant to breathe.

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Question: Are Plastic Plant Bags Environmentally Friendly?

Answer: Please understand that these flexible grow containers use a lot less material than a traditional pot because they are much thinner and lighter. With that in mind, it is obvious that it takes less energy and material to produce them. Right?

What this means is that they leave a lesser carbon footprint on the environment. And an added benefit is that they are so light, that it saves on fuel during transportation. So, if you ask me if they are good for the environment, I say yes.

Question: Are Poly Grow Bags Recyclable?

Answer: Absolutely! I strongly recommend that you recycle them. Because the material can be converted into brand-new grow bags or something else.picture of a row of black plastic plant bags

Question: Are They Reusable?

Answer: Provided they are still in good condition, you can reuse these flexible containers over and over again. And if they are ready for the recycling bin, you will find them easy and cheap to replace.

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A final word from TDI

Our plastic plant bags are completely customizable, but we also have them available in standard sizes. TDI adds the gussets and perforations in a way that is most effective for each individual nursery.

Being a long-time expert, TDI makes sure that the blend of recycled and virgin material will not impact the quality of your poly bag. Wouldn’t you be surprised if your nursery bag starts to deteriorate in the middle of the growing season?

You can TRUST TDI to create quality custom plastic packaging because it is our specialty. It is what we do best.

Please ask our sales representative Raif for more information. And don’t forget to ask for your free nursery sample package!

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