Why Do Nurseries Prefer Poly Grow Bags?

Image of a flower nursery with poly grow bags

Despite all the choices in plant containers that are available on the market, countless nurseries still prefer TDI’s poly grow bags. It’s for a good reason, because they stimulates healthy, fibrous plants, while offering many other benefits as well. 

In fact, our partners even testify that they will continue to use nursery bags made by TDI Custom Packaging. So what do they say? 

Why Nurseries Prefer TDI’s Poly Grow Bags

Over the course of the years we received positive feedback from several of our dedicated partners. Following are some of their comments:

image of different nursery grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.Economical

“Each potted plant in rigid plastic containers costs almost 2-3 times more than TDI’s filled plant grow bags.  Can you imagine the savings if you need thousands of them?”

Roots grow Deeper

image of a poly grow bag with a protea flower inside

“Longer, taller bags encourage roots to grow deeper than usual. This is a benefit because once planted in the ground and if they aren’t watered, for instance, the roots can continue to pull water from the ground.”

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Less Water Usage

“TDI’s grow bags keep plants moist longer, so they use less water. So, the water bill is a lot lower. We all know that water is expensive, especially during this drought.

Poly Grow Bags Really Work

“The first year we did a test with TDI’s grow bags and since then, for the last 31 years, we have been using these grow bags to raise our pistachio trees.”

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Live Feedback from a Horticulturist

image of a hand holding a small protea flower in a poly grow bagDuring one of our nursery visits, our sales representative Raif and I met with the owner of a thriving flower farm in the northern San Diego area. While we were admiring the propagation of beautiful plants in one of the greenhouses, a distributor stopped by.

image of 2 people stuffing plants in poly grow bagsThe distributor commented: “Every time I try to convince her (referring to the owner) to switch to another grow container. But she never gives in,” the distributor said somewhat frustrated.

While he talked, the owner shook her head.  Then she whispered: “Don’t listen to him, he doesn’t know. I will only use TDI’s poly grow bags. They’re the ones that work for me.”

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Other Benefits of TDI’s Poly Grow Bags

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, there are many other advantages worth mentioning:

image of filled poly grow bags in crates

Space Saving: The bags fold flat, so they use less storage space.

Protection: Plants are protected from extreme weather conditions and other outside influences.

Better Growth: A poly nursery bag creates a greenhouse effect, that stimulates growth.

No Root Rot: The bags provide ample drainage so roots won’t rot. 

Oxygen: Vent holes allow for plenty of oxygen so the plant can breathe.

Environmentally Friendly: With less material that can be recycled and oftentimes reused, these bags are eco-friendly.image of filled nursery grow bags from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

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TDI – A Trusted Source

TDI’s poly grow bags are completely customizable to size, gauge, color, and much more. It all depends on your needs.

As always, team TDI will produce a poly grow bag that is not only most effective, but also very economical. So your nursery can thrive.

TDI Custom Packaging has been a trusted manufacturer since 1974. Because creating custom solutions is what we do best.

Please feel free to ask our helpful sales team for more information. And get your Free Nursery Sample Package >>>close-up of a small plant in a poly grow bag from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

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