Why Buy Plastic Packaging – Made in the USA?

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Reasons To Buy Plastic Packaging – Made In The USA

As an expert manufacturer of custom poly bags and film, TDI only produces plastic packaging that is 100% made in the USA. What this means is that everything is created here in California, with elements sourced from US companies. 

Even though international products are usually more cost-effective, you will save time and/or money and get a better quality by sourcing locally. 

The Benefits of Local Plastic Packaging 


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Faster Delivery Times

As soon as your US-products are ready, they will ship. Transportation will take days, not weeks or months. That’s especially important for when you need it fast.

Obviously, products from overseas take much longer to ship, not only because of the distance, but also due to possible logistical issues. 

US Safety & Quality Control

All goods that are made in the USA must adhere to strict safety and quality control regulations. There is no way around it.

So, that guarantees the quality of your plastic packaging. And if you do experience problems, you can address them here locally. 

image of a female staff member of TDI representing plastic packagingGood Communication 

It’s much easier to talk to a person who speaks your language, than a foreign individual who is harder to understand. 

Also, it’s more convenient to call during regular business hours. So there’s no need to adjust to different time zones either.

image of a truck to symbolize lower shipping times of TDI's plastic packagingLower Shipping Costs for Plastic Packaging

As items get shipped to your local destination it’s obviously less expensive than transporting them from a faraway, overseas country.

As we all know, there have been major price increases in rates for international shipments. Buyers oftentimes pay at least 3 times more than they did 5 years ago.

image of Los Angeles to symbolize the local economySupport The Local Economy

By purchasing made-to-order packaging here, you will stimulate the local economy. New jobs are created, the community gains revenue, and businesses have a chance to thrive.

And not to mention the fuel that you save. It is just another way to contribute to a cleaner environment as well.

Misleading Terms

image of the USA with a flag on it to symbolize local plastic packagingDid you know that when a product says “made in America” it can technically come from North America, including Canada and Mexico? Only the term “Made in the USA” is a guarantee that it is US-made.

And according to the FTC “assembled in America /USA” means that parts or materials were imported and then used to create a product. So, that’s good to be aware of.

Link to article: R2 Logistics – “Made in America versus Assembled in America” >>

TDI’s Plastic Packaging – 100% Made in the USA

All materials, resin, ink, and additives that TDI uses in its manufacturing plant are sourced locally. It’s because we believe in the importance of quality while meeting your deadlines.

And it gives our partners the confidence that they will get quality poly bags or film for when they need it, not in the near future.

Excellent Quality & Service image of a sales representative to symbolize TDI's service for custom plastic packaging

Without a doubt, it takes great customer service and ‘good ears’ to create a unique product. We guarantee that at TDI, you’ll be dealing directly with a dedicated professional. 

And above all, we’re friendly, knowledgeable, and speak your language!

A Company You Can Trust

With TDI Custom Packaging you know who you are dealing with.  We are a second-generation family business that’s been around for more than 45 years. 

Especially when it comes to tailor-made products, TDI is an expert manufacturer with the highest values that you can definitely put your trust in.

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More Than Just Plastic Packaging

TDI provides so much more than just custom poly bags and film; it’s the quality of the whole TDI experience that makes it exemplary.

With faster turnaround times, lower minimum order requirement, and excellent service, we make sure you get what you need. Find out how YOU can benefit from our quality poly packaging products.

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