Why Buy Local Custom Packaging

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If you’re looking to replace your local custom packaging supplier with overseas options, think twice.

It’s been proven over and over again that long-distance purchases can be risky. Even though price points generally look better, you could face real setbacks in the process.

Local Custom Packaging 

Due to major supply chain challenges in the past, companies stopped ordering from overseas. However, many went back to purchasing from them again. But is it really a smart move?

Regularly, we face issues here at international entry ports. For instance, the COVID-pandemic created worldwide havoc with logistics. Recently, a labor dispute caused shipment delays. It’s just a few examples of what can go wrong.

Common Pitfalls Of International Suppliers:

Here are some of the main risks involved with the international shipping process:

Logistics Issues

Not only can there be delays, but goods could get damaged during long-haul transportation. For example, such accidents may occur while loading or offloading, while on a train, truck or containership.

In addition, the final bill can be much higher, due to steep freight charges, increased customs and duty fees, and other complications along the way. 

Sub-Par Conditions

Also, it’s good to consider international quality standards. While you assume these values would be good, they might not be as great as you’d expect.

Besides, other countries have different labor laws that can lead to unethical practices, poor safety standards, or even child labor.

Unknown Factors

And then there’s the fact that you probably don’t know who your international packaging manufacturer is. Who are you really dealing with? 

Furthermore, direct communication with them is more challenging when faced with a different language and time zone. 

Geopolitical Situation

Another major risk to consider is the political relationship with that country. For example, is there a chance that economic sanctions will be imposed? And how will a war, like the one in Ukraine, affect the supply chain?

image of a person holding his head in sorrow as as a reflection of someone who doesn't buy local custom packagingHow Will This Make You Look?

So do you settle for sub-standards and unethical practices in the production of overseas packaging? And how about the risk that things might not go as planned?

Finally, how will your buyers react when they find out that something went wrong? Will they purchase from you again, next time?

Local Custom Packaging

Especially when it comes to custom packaging, a domestic company will eliminate most of the headaches that you could face otherwise. In addition, if anything goes wrong, you know who to contact as they’re available during regular business hours.

To recap, here’s the benefits of buying local:

faster delivery times – US safety and quality control – good communication (in your time zone) – better service – lower shipping costs & fees – support the local economy

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The TDI Advantage

image of a handshake to symbolize TDI Custom Packaging is a reliable local custom packaging supplierNot only provides TDI Custom Packaging the advantages of a US-manufacturer, but there’s so much more. With a business that’s produced poly film and bags for almost five decades, you can’t go wrong.

So if you’re looking for top quality, faster delivery times, and lower minimum order requirements, then look no further.

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