What sets TDI apart?

By July 17, 2020TDI
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Many of our customers already know the answer to the question, what sets TDI apart? How does a company of our size manage to stay in business? What is the special ingredient that keeps our clients come back for more, time after time?

There are so many others in the custom packaging industry, from small mom-and-pop shops to large corporations with hundreds of employees. But you will have a hard time finding a manufacturing company like ours.

Service at TDI

military service member kissing his service dogWhat makes us so unique is how we implement the word “service. ” Customer service at TDI goes a long, long way. We have built ourselves a name in the industry for providing outstanding service. And we prove it every time.

At TDI, you will receive unsurpassed personal attention from nice people you get to know. There are no multiple transfers to other departments, long holds, or anonymous managers you never heard of. Our service is plain and simple.

Customer Service is a BIG word:

  • First of all, we make sure to maintain the top ethical standards. Values such as high integrity, fairness, and respect are high on our list.
  • Secondly, problem resolution has to be prompt, unbiased, and accurate. It’s about making sure that the end result is right, for all parties involved.
  • We go the extra mile to make things happen. TDI wants to make sure that ultimately our customer is satisfied with the outcome.
  • Another important aspect is to let our clients know that we are here for them always. Whether there is a pandemic or not. TDI is ready to deliver, every time.Team TDI high five

As we provide consistent, top-rated service to our business partners, they realize we are a strong, stable company. And it has only been 45 years!  Blog: “45 Year of Custom Packaging Excellence.”

Team TDI

Needless to say, but outstanding service is only possible with an amazing team. A great company culture keeps us strong and connected. Together we work diligently to produce quality, tailor-made packaging. Team TDI does not take things for granted but understand that we have to earn our business.

one dog scratching another dog“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

This saying means that you will be treated the way you treat others. So it goes both ways. Surprisingly it is those small gestures that make a big difference. Like extending a simple thank you.

The Heggen Group: “Aligning Internal & External Customers”

TDI’s Core Values

Besides our core ethical values, professional behavior such as promptness, following up, taking ownership, or being efficient is pivotal. It’s just the right thing to do.

Of course, nobody is perfect and mistakes can be made. After all, we are all humans, right? But to take full responsibility while we learn from our mistakes is HUGE.

How TDI can help

Polyethylene manufacturing plant

TDI manufactures custom plastic packaging: poly bags and film. Since all of our products are custom-made, they require special attention in every aspect of the production process.

That is why excellent customer service is so important. It is a crucial ingredient that leads to great quality in all of our products.

Please ask us for assistance here.contact TDI icon

And More News Soon…

Life evolves here at TDI. Especially during this pandemic. We will update you with more exciting news in the near future.

A company like TDI is not going anywhere, not any time soon! So if you are looking for custom poly bags or film, please ask us for a quote today!

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