Reasons To Buy A Custom Plastic Bag

image of the manufacture of a custom plastic bag

While stock items are readily available and easy to find, what are the reasons to buy a custom plastic bag instead? 

The expression “one size fits all” does not always apply, especially when it comes to poly packaging. If it’s not the right product for your business, it can have a negative impact. 

4 Reasons to Buy A Custom Plastic Bag

What are the advantages of getting tailor-made poly bags?

Options, Options, Options:

First thing that comes to mind are the options available. Especially when your product has specific requirements, you need control over its design. Because a product that doesn’t fit the bill, can affect the overall workflow. 

image of a production worker creating a custom plastic bagTrust:

When you know the local, reputable manufacturer that makes your bags, you can trust them. Luckily your item is not made by a distant company that you don’t really recognize, or have a hard time communicating with.


Since you have control over the process, you can pick the finest quality for your bags produced with the highest standards. In addition, they will last longer if they are built-to-fit the job.


With custom packaging and unique prints that reflect the image of your company, it provides for great brand recognition.

Research For A Custom Plastic Bag

Before contacting TDI’s packaging team, you might want to do some research to figure out what you need. Unless it’s a repeat order, of course.

Check out TDI’s Website:image of TDI's line card with options for a custom plastic bag

Find out what TDI’s capabilities and options are, and learn more about our company.

A Sample of a Custom Plastic Bag:

If possible, find a sample of a similar bag that you’re looking for. Also, study how it’s built and what it will be used for.

Determine the Details:

Next, determine the specifications for your custom bag. For instance, you need to know the details as related to size, gauge, colors, and quantity.

If you can’t figure out all the details,  no worries, our sales team will gladly assist you with that.

Review TDI’s Capabilities Here >>

A Custom Plastic Bag From TDI

So what are the reasons our dedicated partners specifically select TDI as the manufacturer for their unique products?image of TDI's extrusion line to create a custom plastic bag and more


First of all, they realize we are proven experts in the creation of made-to-order packaging. A long history of successful poly extrusion since 1974 is evidence of that. Many of them recognize our name from years of business dealings.

Quality – Made In The USA:

text "MADE IN THE USA"TDI is a local manufacturer, so our partners do not have to deal with extensive lead-times, bad quality, or strained communication.

And if they need extra attention, we are right here, in their time zone. TDI is trusted for prime quality and excellent service.

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TDI’s Options for A Custom Plastic Bag

TDI Custom Packaging is a producer of poly bags, film, and sheeting. On our website you will find the different types of packaging and full customization options we offer.

image of a person requesting a free quote for a custom plastic bagIf choosing the right options is too confusing, please feel free to contact our sales team for a free consultation. That way we can help you get started as soon as possible!

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