What are Lab Specimen Bags?

Lab Specimen Bag

Have you heard of TDI’s lab specimen bags? This type of packaging has secure, tamper-evident adhesive tape attached to them. They are used by many medical and healthcare facilities to hold and transport specimens for their laboratories.

Other common names for them are lip-and-tape specimen bags, bio-hazard specimen bags, or lab specimen transport bags.

Purpose of Lab Specimen Bags

Medical staff members must handle specimens with the utmost care, due to the sensitivity of the material. A small leak can lead to contamination by an infectious disease. Therefore, its primary purpose is to prevent leakage.

Lab Specimen Bag

Example of a lab specimen bag with 2 pockets

A bio-hazard specimen bag usually holds paperwork and specimens. It oftentimes has two compartments to separate the two items and to keep them organized.

A specimen may consist of bodily fluids or another sample material. While documentation usually includes a test requisition form.


Following are the main features of TDI’s lab specimen bags:

  • They have tamper-evident tape.
  • Also, you will see a bio-hazard sign on the outside.
  • And special handling instructions may be printed on them.
tamper-evident tape

tamper-evident tape

The Benefit of Tamper-Evident Tape

Clearly, the most important benefit of this specialty bag is that it has permanent, adhesive tape. This strong seal protects against tampering.

With a permanent closure, you will destroy the bag if you try to lift the lip. A possible compromise would be clearly evident because the seal, once broken, cannot be reapplied. So, this is what makes this bag a safe solution for medical staff members.

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Custom Options in Lab Specimen Bags

Here at TDI Custom Packaging, we manufacture unique quality packaging. And we only manufacture custom-made specimen bags:

  • You can choose between 1 pocket or 2 pockets.
  • We offer a total of up to 4 colored ink choices.
  • Importantly, we use water-based ink only, which is environmentally safe.
  • Many other options are available upon request.

Industries That Use Permanent, Adhesive Tape:

tamper-evident deposit bagBesides the medical industry, other industries also benefit from these secure closures. In the food sector, for example, meal delivery services use this type of packaging to protect the consumer from food contamination. By the same token, financial institutions use deposit bags to prevent forgery.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes a tamper-evident seal as “one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.”

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Quality Lab Specimen Bags

laboratoryBy now, you will know what lab specimen bags are, as well as their advantages. Also, you will understand the term ‘tamper-evident.’ Providing you with a secure quality packaging solution is our number one goal.

To find out more about TDI’s custom specimen bags, or tamper-evident packaging in general, please contact our helpful sales team today!

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