How Do You Value Your Custom Poly Packaging?

Custom poly packaging

What Value is Most Important to you?

What is important to you and your business in terms of custom poly packaging? Do you value your polyethylene film based on the quality of the packaging, the service you receive, the lowest price or are there other elements of importance?

The value you are looking for in your custom product usually depends on different components, such as the needs of  your customers, their pricing structure and how your product will be used by the end-user.

quality custom poly packagingWhen is Quality most important?

In a specialized industry, such as the medical industry, you might be looking for the highest quality.

A gel bag for a freezable ice pack, for example, has certain characteristics.  Superior strength, durablility, and the ability to withstand extreme cold temperatures will prevent problems when the bag is urgently needed. An ice pack that leaks or breaks during an emergency situation can be detrimental.

Who chooses for Service?

Custom poly packaging with various components and intricate features demands special attention from a manufacturer. One phone call or e-mail might not suffice. Your requirements can be so detailed that you need more communication with excellent customer service.

What if you had packaging design issues in the past, your product was delivered too late or you received no response to your many complaints?  Great service might be most important with your next order.

Zendesk posted a white paper about the consequences of bad service:                                                           Zendesk – about bad customer service

How About the Lowest Price?

custom poly packaging

If you’re looking to buy basic poly packaging in bulk, you might aim for the lowest price. An example is a wholesaler who wants to buy low because its customers want cheap rates for a very large order.

However, problems might arise if the quality and/or service are not up-to-par.  In some cases, buying cheap products overseas can result in long lead times, poor quality or bad service.

Why Buy from a US Manufacturer

TDI’s Values for Custom Poly Packaging

 At TDI we stand for Superior Quality & Excellent Service

Another important reason to buy from us is that we are a local manufacturer here in the USA.

A long history of successful manufacturing makes it possible to offer you “the Best in the West”.

Great quality products, excellent service, faster turnaround times, and low minimum order requirements are some of our prominent values. Most importantly, not to forget our knowledgeable, attentive staff, who are treating every customer as family.

You can count on Team TDI to create the Highest Value Possible based on your needs!

Why Buy from TDIcustom poly packaging