Is It Time for Custom Poly Supplies?

By August 22, 2022Custom Poly
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Have you checked your inventory of custom poly products lately? And is there enough stock on hand to last through the end of the year?

Certainly, with continued supply chain challenges, it is recommended to plan ahead. So how about adjusting your buying strategy to get the exact packaging you are looking for, on time?

Plan Ahead for Custom Poly Supplies

Next are a few strategies to consider:

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Buy Sooner Rather Than Later

Unfortunately, times have changed and resources are not always readily available. Following issues may cause longer delays:

1. Staff Shortages:

Currently businesses all across the board deal with not having enough staff. This may be due to changes in the labor market structure, COVID-related absentees, or the lack of talented staff members. 

2. Shipping Delays

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Furthermore, bottlenecks in the logistics sector can cause delays that may last anywhere from a few days to several months. If you are in urgent need of a certain product, we recommend you order them sooner rather than later.

3. Scarcity Of Materials:

In addition, certain raw materials, tools, and parts are needed to manufacture custom plastic packaging products. When availability is scarce, it can cause a backlog in production.

Custom Poly Film From A Local Supplier

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Thus, to avoid long delivery times, quality issues, or other unsurmountable challenges, it’s best to buy local.

And what a great way to support the local economy! Of course, knowing who you’re buying from is always a plus.

A Solid Custom Poly Strategy 

Regardless of what’s going on in the economy, here are a few basic requirements:

1. Qualityimage of staff member reviewing custom poly bags

To avoid future disappointments with packaging products, it’s best to aim for quality versus lowest price. No matter what.

| “In all these years I can’t recall an instance where we’ve had any quality issues with your gel ice bags.” (a longtime partner)

2. Service

Finding a company that provides excellent service is a prerequisite. It’s because quality and service go hand in hand.

TDI is proud of its team that goes above and beyond to make things happen. And that counts for all staff levels, from top to bottom.

| “Thank you so much for your help. We appreciate all the hard work from you and your team!” (an industrial end-user)

3. Reliability

Hiring a manufacturer that you can rely on is very important. You need a supplier with high integrity that knows what they’re doing, so you will get the quality product you deserve.

| “You and your team killed it. You delivered ahead of schedule and the customer was very happy.” (a major distributor)

Article from Integrity Solutions: “Seven Principles of Business Integrity” >>>

TDI’s Custom Poly Film

With more than 45 years in manufacturing, team TDI has proven to be an expert in the production of superior packaging solutions.

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So if you’re looking for tailor-made poly bags, film, or tubing with lower minimum orders, faster delivery times, and excellent quality, then look no further. 

Please don’t wait any longer, but contact our dedicated sales team to Get Your Free Quote Today >>>

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