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By January 31, 2022nursery grow bag
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Numerous customers have been using our nursery grow bag for decades, because they know the many benefits of this plastic container.

nursery grow bagsAbout TDI’s Nursery Grow Bag

Basically, it’s a flexible poly bag replacing the traditional rigid pot, made from sturdy material that is built-to-last.

With various customizations, such as vent holes, nurseries can decide which options work best for them, to guarantee optimal usage for their operations.

Insider Tips From Our Customers

We created these 6 simple steps on how to use grow bags, based on information received from our customers. Of course, they simply serve as a guidance.

image of a nursery grow bagSTEP 1: Unfold

First, remove each flat bag from the shipping box and unfold along the gussets.

image of a nursery grow bag from the topSTEP 2: Square Off the Bottom

Then, square off the bottom to make the bag stand upright.

image of a nursery grow bag with the top edge rolled downSTEP 3: Roll Down the Top Edge

Next, roll down the top edge for added stability (optional).


STEP 4: Fill with Soil

After that, fill it with good quality potting soil (do not use ground soil that can contain dirt or sand) and add fertilizer if needed.

hemp farm grow bagsSTEP 5: Insert Plants or Seeds

Now carefully insert the growing medium, away from the edge of the bag. Don’t overfill it with too many seeds or plants.

STEP 6: Fill with more Soil

Finally, fill up the rest with soil and water it, as needed. So now it’s ready to grow!

Below are some questions and answers from our clients who work ‘in the field.’

Q&A’s – Nursery Grow Bag:

1. Do plants become root bound in plant bags?

Answer: In a traditional pot, roots can start spiraling and cause unhealthy conditions. With a poly bag, some roots will die off to create more space, so they can become more fibrous and healthy.

2. What plants can I use nursery bags for?

Answer: They can be used for all kinds of plants, seeds, and trees. But it’s up to the grower to figure out what works best.

How a Farm Thrives with Grow Bags: Watch “GrowingYourGreens” video >>image of plants in plastic grow bags

3. Where can I use TDI’s grow bags?

Answer: You can use them outdoors in the field, indoors in a building or a greenhouse, or hydroponically.

4. How can I cultivate high-quality plants with grow bags?

Answer: With the selection of quality potting soil your plants will thrive. Organic soil especially works best to produce healthy, strong plants.

5. Can my plants rot in nursery grow bags?

Answer: Even during heavy rain, the holes create an excellent drainage system that prevents rotting. In fact, with our bags, nutrients stay inside the bag so they don’t wash out. 

Good to Know

black nursery grow bag with a measuring tapeBefore placing your order, first determine the ‘usable’ height of your grow bag: 1) Deduct half of the size of the gusset from the height to find the usable space. For example, if the height of your bag is 15 inches, but the gusset is 10 inches, then the actual usable space (height) is 15″ – 5″ = 10″.  2) If you choose to fold over the top edge, it will also impact the height of your bag.

Additional tools: Some plant species require additional tools to help them grow better. For example, some need a humidity tray with standing water to keep them hydrated. While others might need a drip irrigation system that nurtures them from the top down. 

Why Buy Nursery Grow Bags From TDI?

In addition to cultivating healthy plants, your profitability will increase with less expensive containers. Also, when you source locally, you will benefit from superior quality, service, and faster delivery times. 

Image of plastic grow bag at a pistachio nursery

The benefits of TDI’s grow bags stack up.

One size does not fit all: 
Each plant has different needs, so it is best to have a tailor-made container. For instance, some plants grow better with more vent holes than others.

Read about the Benefits here >>

TDI Custom Packaging is your most trusted source for nursery grow bags with proven experience of more than 40 years “in the field!”

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