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By October 20, 2020Custom Poly Bags
Image of fall leaves and custom poly bags

Now that fall is here and the holidays are near, it is the perfect time to order your custom poly bags.

As we all know, deliveries can take longer especially towards the end of the year. So, please make sure to prepare your purchase wish list early. However, the good news is that TDI’s delivery times are usually faster than most others in the plastic packaging industry, so that is a great advantage!

How to Shorten Lead Times

Generally, the longer the lead times, the more inventory you must keep on hand. Because if there is not enough product on the shelves, you might run out too early, before the next shipment arrives. And that is a problem.image of stocked warehouse shelves

On the other hand, shorter lead times require fewer products in storage. So it makes sense that smaller storage spaces cost less, right?

Following are simple ways to shorten the lead time of your order:

  • Choose a local company versus a long-distance supplier. You might prevent hefty shipping fees.
  • Rather than buying large quantities less often, obtain smaller volumes more frequently. Provided that option is available.
  • Purchase directly from the manufacturer, or through a distributor that offers great rates and good turnaround times.

Clock with fall background to symbolize lead times for custom poly bags in fallBeing the small plastic extrusion company that we are, TDI Custom Packaging has the agility to provide its customers with shorter delivery times.

LINK: Article Intuit QuickBook – “What is a lead time in inventory management?”

How to Prepare Your Custom Poly Bags Order

The simplest way is to place a repeat order with TDI Custom Packaging. In this case, you simply submit the latest purchase order indicating the quantity you need and we will take care of the rest.  Provided you need the same item. Sounds simple, right?

Nevertheless, if you need a brand-new packaging bag, your best bet is to find a sample first. And if that’s not available, you can create a drawing. In addition, you will need to gather detailed specifics, such as:

Measurement tapes with a link to explain how to measure flat custom poly bags

How to measure a flat plastic bag

  • Measurements
  • Gauge
  • Type of material
  • Tint or color
  • Quantity
  • Special features

LINK: How to prepare your Order

Sales Assistance

So, if you are not sure about the requirements, please feel free to ask our new sales representative Raif for assistance. He and the rest of our friendly team will guide you step-by-step through the purchasing process.

Image of new sales representative TDI Custom Packaging

Click to meet Raif

LINK: Contact TDI’s New Sales Representative!

Tailor-Made Plastic Packaging

TDI has been a plastic film extruder of custom poly bags for decades. We extrude, convert, and print all kinds of flexible packaging. And we know our products very well.

You will find our quality plastic bags all over the medical, agricultural, and industrial sectors, as well as many other industries.


Here are TDI’s Main Product Lines:

  • Polybags
  • Sheeting
  • Sleeves
  • Tubing
  • Special features (such as perforations, gussets, lip-and-tape, and many, many more)

Please feel free to ask for TDI’s Line Card with specifications, product lines, and special options available.Image of a line card from TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.

LINK: Request A Free Quote

A Trusted Name in Custom Poly Bags

TDI knows what’s important to our customers. We understand that it’s not just the quality that counts, but everything else that comes with it: excellent customer service, being treated fairly, faster delivery times, lower minimum orders, and the list goes on. It takes a great team that listens every time and maintains the highest integrity, no matter what.

“TDI is a trusted manufacturer that knows what we do very well.”

So, go ahead and give us a call today, or fill in the form to find out how we can help you with your special packaging needs!

LINK: Why Buy From TDI

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