The New Normal in the Packaging Industry

By August 10, 2020packaging
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The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up the entire world as never before. And it looks like we’re still in the midst of it. So people are wondering: what will be the “new normal”? Especially how will it affect the packaging industry?

We have seen a major shift in the way we do business. Like the implementation of social distancing rules, for example. Everyone had to change to new ways of doing things. It was scary and uncomfortable at times.

But how can a business remain successful while facing so many challenges? What are five proven methods that can help us adjust to the new normal?

1. New regulationspackaging industry regulations

These days, companies are getting bombarded with changing rules for the workplace. Also, new regulations on how to properly interact with the public are abundant. To stay compliant might seem overwhelming.

So, the best way to stay informed is to tap into reliable sources. For example, government agencies give regular updates. Likewise, professional connections such as your payroll provider will be able to clarify any confusing information you might have.

Obviously, businesses have to stick to these new rules, no matter what. Even though it might cost us. Otherwise, we could face steep penalties. Or, in the worst-case scenario, we might even have to close operations.

CDC: “Businesses and Workplaces – Plan, Prepare and Respond”

2. Packaging Sales Approach

As we all know, visiting a customer is almost impossible these days. Because of social distancing rules, we were forced to find a different approach to connect with our clients.

packaging sales approachInstead of conducting face-to-face meetings, sales professionals oftentimes meet “in person” through online applications such as Zoom or Facetime. Besides the traditional phone call or email, connecting through the internet has now become a prominent communication tool.

Furthermore, the E-commerce industry is taking off. Especially now, it has proven to be a powerful sales mechanism.

Zapier: “Find the 6 best video conferencing apps for teams”.

3. Cost Saving Measurements

Due to its volatility, sudden changes can be required. And again, that costs money. For example, installing plexiglass between work stations has a price ticket. calculator to cut costs

In addition, we might face disruptions. Such as in the case of a sick staff member or an unavailable product.  This can ultimately lead to lost production.

So businesses need to cut costs and set aside as much as possible. Better late than never. As the old saying goes: “save for a rainy day!”

 Blog: “Your Packaging Strategy during COVID-19.”

4. Packaging Changes

plastic bottles essential packagingA shift has taken place from reusable to disposable packaging. Staying healthy is the number one priority for buyers these days.

Blog: “Custom Plastics for Your Essential Business.”

However, industry experts believe that the need for sustainability will make a strong come-back after COVID-19 has come to pass. So it is essential we find ways to up our recycling efforts now.

Forbes: “World’s Biggest Brands Work To Close the Loop on Packaging Waste”

5. Agility, Adaptability, and Innovation

chess game to symbolize packaging industry strategyUnfortunately, packaging companies are still dealing with constant changes. And set-backs can occur at the spur of the moment.

So we need to adapt to whatever the new normal brings, and fast. And we have to embrace opportunity amidst the chaos. Because only with agility, adaptability, and innovation, businesses can set themselves up for success.

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Strength in Custom Plastic Packaging

Truly, to reach a good level of strength takes a lot of hard work and dedication. And we know it.

  • TDI is doing everything it can to remain compliant with new regulations.
  • Also, we constantly strive to cut costs and save money wherever possible.
  • It has always been our goal to conduct “clean and lean” manufacturing operations.
  • In truth, we believe our strength comes from a great company culture that holds our business together.
Team TDI members

Team TDI members

TDI – the long road to success

Certainly, we have come a long way. Even before the pandemic started, TDI went through a major restructuring. You could say, we are now used to the concept of constant change.

Thus, our hard work has started to pay off. During this critical period, we have reached a level of stability that not only benefits our business but certainly benefits all of our valued partners.

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Remember, we are here for you!

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