The New Normal at TDI

By June 9, 2020TDI

Here’s a message from our CEO:


Dear valued customer,

While still in the midst of a pandemic, businesses start to reopen again. Although daily COVID-19 cases have significantly declined, we understand that the risk of infection is still present.

Team TDI managed to get through these challenging times with all the tools we could find. It was not always easy to break through some of those critical moments.

Sanitizer Bottles to prevent COVID-19I have taken precautionary measures to keep our team members safe and healthy. Action steps such as disinfecting areas regularly, maintaining social distancing rules, while providing our staff with sanitary supplies such as face masks and sanitizers, seem to pay off.

In our manufacturing facilities, we have no cubicles or tightly packed spaces where employees work closely together. Our building has offices separated by walls where work stations are generously spread out.

TDI has been very fortunate enough not to have any sick team members. And my intention is to keep it that way!

What is “the new normal” at TDI?

Not much has changed, really. We will always be here for you, conducting business, as usual.

I currently have a full staff on hand to answer any of your questions. They will use the phone or other online resources, as much as possible. However, if you need to speak with us, face-to-face, we require an appointment first. This is to keep social distancing because we all like to stay healthy, right?

TDI Cares logoIn the meanwhile, team TDI is fully aware that relapse in the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus could occur anytime in the near future. So, for that reason, I will continue to implement our safety and health procedures to make sure that everyone is safe. But I am fully confident that all will go well.

~ Undoubtedly, we have an awesome team that always stands behind our values of quality and service in custom plastic packaging. And I am so proud of them!

In closing, I wish you the very best, especially while we are all still adjusting to “the new normal” in the packaging industry. We are looking forward to serving you again and again.

Thank you for your partnership! Please stay safe and positive.

CEO TDI Custom Packaging


Steve Deniger

President – TDI Custom Packaging, Inc.



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