The Biggest Small Provider of Plastic Products

image of TDI Custom Packaging production facility that is a provider of plastic products

As a smaller-sized company, TDI is ‘the biggest small provider of plastic products’. What this implies is that we successfully compete with big corporations in the poly manufacturing industry.

How does a family business like TDI manage to set itself apart from the big ones?

The Biggest Small Provider of Plastic Products

By serving a niche market while offering special services that others cannot provide, TDI has established itself as a reliable, quality source.

Excellent Service

Our partners trust us for great service with personalized attention. For example:

  • There’s no need to hold for annoying transfers to numerous, unknown staff members.
  • Also, as a small manufacturer, we are able to respond faster to your requests with undivided attention.
  • Additionally, our organizational structure has a more direct senior-management style, so there is less bureaucracy. 

Superb Quality

image of blown-film extrusion at TDI Custom Packaging as a provider of plastic productsWith the use of prime resin material, TDI manufactures quality plastic packaging products.

And if ever there is an issue, our team will look into your case with the utmost integrity and fairness.

Lower Minimum Orders

Since we generally complete smaller production runs compared to others, we accept lower minimum orders. These requirements are pretty unusual in the manufacturing industry.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can just order any quantity. Obviously, there is a lot involved with setting up a heavy-duty production line, so please check with our staff first.

Faster Delivery Times

Also, TDI stands out for having shorter lead times. Due to smaller batches, we are more agile in processing orders, so they can be completed in a timely manner. 

Although production schedules are pre-determined, we occasionally find creative solutions to meet our partners’ deadlines. 

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A Reliable Business

an old image of a staff member working at a blown-film extrusion plant at TDI Custom Packaging that is a provider of plastic productsTDI Custom Packaging, Inc. is a solid family business with a proven track record since the early seventies; that is almost fifty years!

Throughout this time, we have built ourselves a name for delivering quality packaging bundled with excellent service. With other words said: We are the biggest small provider of plastic products.

The 4 mil printed poly tubing met all the customers’ expectations. Your attention to detail and follow-up is greatly appreciated.”   ~ a distributor

Custom Made Plastic Products

With TDI’s skilled knowledge and expertise, we know the ins and outs of the manufacturing process; all the way from start to finish.

image of the owner of TDI Custom Packaging, Inc. standing behind a counter showing TDI Custom Menu choices with the beach in the backgroundThis ensures:

  1. you get precisely what you need,
  2. you only pay for what you need, and
  3. we don’t waste materials.

TDI offers various options to design your unique poly products, such as custom sizes, gauges (thickness), vent holes, custom colors, tamper-evident closures, and many more.

Questions about our custom made plastic products? Click here for more information >>>

100% US-Made 

Products made in the USA may not initially be the cheapest, but they actually may save you money in the long run. And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing who made your goods.

image of text that says "SOURCED & MADE IN THE USA" and the American flag printed in a circle in the middle with a white plastic backgroundWith US-made plastic packaging from TDI, you won’t have to pay overseas shipping costs. You’ll also be helping the American economy, which supports the greater good. 

The TDI Difference: Why Buy From Us?

Not only will you benefit from TDI’s unique position as a small business, but the big plus is knowing that we truly care. 

It’s not just about the quality of your product, but also about your experience before, during, and after the process.  Basically, it’s the overall TDI experience that counts.

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