Strength in manufacturing

Since 1974, TDI has built itself a name in the custom plastic packaging industry. Our long-term customers recognize us for our quality, integrity, and stability. They consider us a friendly, approachable company. And that is so true. It is our strength in manufacturing.

Despite many setbacks in the past, we managed to restructure our operations with much-needed, new procedures. Unexpected incidents did not throw us off guard.

How TDI built strength in manufacturing

TDI has a solid 45 years of manufacturing under its belt. It seems that all the challenges along the way have made us stronger.

Here are three words to describe our resilience by using the letters as in “TDI”. Synonyms are from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.


“continuing despite difficulties, opposition, or discouragement”

runner on a deserted highway to show strength and resilience

In other words: being so strong and unshakable that setbacks will not stop you. And that describes team TDI very well!

D as in DRIVEN

“caused by or suggestive of an irresistible urge”

It means being very passionate and motivated to reach set goals.

Our team is driven by a great culture of trust & caring as we stay positive. We consistently make sure to take care of ourselves while taking care of our customers.


“impossible to do without”

Simply put as being essential or needed.

Custom plastic packaging is always in demand. However, we usually don’t keep stock supplies on hand, that are easy to source elsewhere. What we produce are custom products only.

Custom Plastics for your Essential Business – Why Buy from TDI?

TDI’s Resilience

As a manufacturer, we have come a long way. So instead of letting challenges break us down, TDI builds upon them to become more resilient and tougher.

Deloitte Insights: “The heart of resilient leadership: responding to COVID-19”

Punit Renjen | “The necessity of operating differently gives businesses the opportunity to understand what they can do.

Trusted Strength in Manufacturing

Ultimately, we attribute our strength in manufacturing to the support of long-term customers. So that is why we are so grateful to them!

In case you just met TDI for the first time, this is to show you that we can be your trusted partner if you chose to. And we fully understand that we are in this together.

one gold chain amongst other metal chains to show our strength in manufacturing

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